Freelance Writing for a Magazine

by Tammy Trail

To tell you the truth, I chose this topic because it has always been an interest to mehow to write for a magazine.

I love magazines, but my husband does not. So, I don’t buy very many. I usually get my fix at my hair salon while I wait my turn. Sometimes I have been known to go to the shop just a bit early to read the offerings. I recently read a very good article about Falconry in an airline magazine during a flight to our vacation destination. Who knew there was such a process in taming birds of prey to be handled and taught to hunt on demand? I certainly didn’t. That’s what I like about a good magazine article, it’s a short, decisive piece that teaches, informs, and focuses on one topic of interest.From my research into writing for a magazine, I found it’s pretty much the same as writing a novel.

  1. Study your target. The publication you choose to submit your work to may only publish certain topics.
  2. Find out how to submit. Just like finding a publisher for your book, magazines also want submissions sent in a professional manner.
  3. Query letters – No, you don’t’ get out of it. The dreaded query letter is a necessity even for short articles. Here are some helpful hints.

You must make a good case for the magazine to publish your work. You are in fine competition with other freelance writers. Just like writing a novel, you must grab an editor’s attention right from the start. Tell them why your article idea is important to readers.

Give content information like; how many words, the sources you used, or what current issues pertain to the subject matter.

Include your qualifications. Give samples of other articles you have written, also include a self- addressed stamped envelope.

There are lots of sources on the internet that will walk you through the freelance writing process. All will tell you the same thing, keep at it. Don’t give up. Through my research, I have learned there are a lot of magazines out there which hire freelance writers, like the magazine created just for a specific airline. All you need sometimes is Google.

People do make money freelance writing for magazines. I may try it myself. It’s another vehicle to get your work and name circulating in the writing world.

What type of magazine would you like to write an article for? What topic would you choose for an article?

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