Freelance Writing: The Pros and Cons

By Jennifer Hallmark

So, you’re writing the Next Great American Novel but want to make extra money in the meantime. Many opportunities abound in the world today: Writing for magazines, e-zines, newspapers, blogs, copywriting, and technical writing to name a few.

Take time to study the market versus your skills and then choose a direction and stick with it. If one type of writing doesn’t work out, try something that might suit you better. You can start penning words for free sites and building a resume which in turn could land you paying jobs.

What are the pros and cons of freelance writing?

The Pros include:

·         You can make your own schedule. This works great especially if you have another job or young children at home.

·         After you are established, you can choose the work you want.

·         You can write on a plethora of topics: the variety is endless.

·         Freelance writing can provide a good resume if you are trying to sign an agent or impress a publisher.

The Cons include:

·        Variety of payment amounts and sporadic time between payments.

·        Working at home can be distracting with chores and other family members close at hand.

·        Difficulty in finding the type of work that fits you best.

·        Burning out when writing novels and freelance.

The most important point is to weigh the money you’d like to make against whether you can work hard enough and write consistently enough to earn what you’d like to make. You might find a part-time job away from home that will meet your needs in a better way. If you’re still unsure, put aside a month and research the market, then send out a few queries to see if you can find interest in your ideas.

And don’t give up your novel writing. We can’t wait to read it…

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