Time to Write with Bonita & Cammi

Bonita: Most of us writers think that writing, like breathing, should come naturally. But in the real world, life happens, and we wrestle with others and ourselves to eke out the time to put the words on the page.

Here are the four tips that I have implemented in my own writing to help me get the work done.

  1. Bathe it in prayer. Before I begin writing, I pray. This is a new discipline for me. Not the praying but doing it right before I begin. It has helped me to keep my focus on the One who called me and made me to write. It also serves to shift the focus from the deadline, the opinion of others, and my own feelings to the quality of the work. Just like you, I always want to do my best for the Lord.
  2. Make a plan, Stan. Yes, we must plan. Bob Hostetler shared with us at Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference in 2017 that he would plan as far out as forty days. By doing this, his writing was already on the planner before other things could take over. I liked his idea and started planning every six weeks in advance. Using this method, I got several articles and blogs written as well as two books during 2018.
  3. Attitude of Gratitude. Be grateful for the time that the Lord gives you to write. I am terrible about viewing this wonderful opportunity of work as a burden, but the secret is it’s not a burden. It is a gift. So, every minute you are given to use your wordsmithing skills count it as joy.
  4. All grit; no quit. Shirlee McCoy shared this on one of her Facebook posts, and I loved it. In order to write, you must determine this is your calling and nothing is going to stop you from doing what God has called you to do. Sure, there will be times that the Lord puts other things in your life that have to be taken care of, but it’s the getting back to it that makes you a writer.

May God bless all your writing endeavors this year, and remember, if he called you to it, he will equip you for it.

Bonita Y. McCoy hails from the Great State of Alabama where she lives on a five-acre farm with two horses, two dogs, two cats, and one husband who she’s had for over twenty-nine years. She is a mother to three mostly grown sons and two beautiful daughters-in-law, one who joined the family from Japan. She loves God, and she loves to write. Her blog and novels are an expression of both these passions. Drop by and visit. Facebook Author’s Page or visit her website bonitaymccoy.com .

Cammi: I am a low-tech girl living in a high-tech world, at least when it comes to writing. I keep paper and pen with me at all times. We all have our dedicated writing time, but think about the rest of your day. We have times during the day when we have a minute or two of waiting – at the doctor, at the grocery store, sitting at a restaurant. Those are great times to grab that paper and jot down ideas. Look around you and see what people are wearing, listen to what they are saying, notice what they are doing. I like to tell myself I will remember later but I know I will not!

On my last trip to the grocery store I noticed—

  1. A man checked out with 17 packages of chocolate chip cookies, 2 bags of plant food, and a spatula. I am curious! What was he doing?
  2. A pretty girl was sorting through the tomatoes. She had expensive clothes and jewelry, meticulous makeup, and manicured nails. On her wrist, she had a string of paper clips with a rusted key hanging on it. Did a child make the paper clip bracelet for her? What was the key for?

Will these characters make it into a story later? Maybe, maybe not. But I have this trove of inspiration I can draw from whenever I need it.

You won’t have time to craft paragraphs or even write in complete sentences but that isn’t what these sessions are meant to accomplish. Inspiration can strike at the oddest of times, and always having something to write on will ensure that you do not forget your ideas. You never know when a simple observation might spark a whole novel!

Daughter, sister, friend, huge nerd, procrastinator… All are words Cammi Woodall uses to describe her self. A new one she is using is writer. That is scary! Cammi is a writer. Her hands shake when she says it or writes those words.

After keeping her stories hidden away for decades, she’s decided 2018 is her year to jump out of her comfort zone and get her writing to the public.

Despite darker reading habits, a comic thread weaves its way through her fictional stories. Even in emotional pieces, her characters use humor to cope with everyday tragedies. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying!

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Writing Prompt: Using the following words and phrases, create an opening paragraph for a story:

  • One black boot
  • Candelabra
  • Ficus tree
  • Crock Pot

Have fun!

16 thoughts on “Time to Write with Bonita & Cammi

  1. She stood at the kitchen counter and lifted the crock pot lid, spoon in hand. Bleary eyed, she resented that the coffee maker was not in express java mode. She resented even more the fact that she couldn’t afford those fancy coffee makers that delivered perfect steaming cups in seconds. She plunged her spoon into the mixture and flinches as a drop splashed against her cheek. Cold? Cold!

    Wide awake, she slapped at the switch. The candelabra blazed into light. The office party was just five hours away and the one dish her boss had requested of her, the one that could quite possibly save her job, took at least eight hours to cook.

    “How in the world did I forget to turn it on?”

    As soon as she spoke the last word into the empty kitchen, she saw the reason. One black boot leaned against the ficus tree in the corner. The events from last night flooded into her memory. She had way bigger problems than a crock pot she’d forgotten to plug in.

  2. Makes me want to write more!

    Funny, writing this morning makes me feel like I’ve taken off a pair of too-tight jeans and slipped into something with an elastic waistband. I can breathe and bend and it just feels better. Now, if I can apply the time tricks and tips the IP Crew has been sharing, I might be able to get rid of this writer’s muffin top! I think in addition to Bonita’s advice about bathing our writing projects in prayer, we can add a splash of prayer in the direction of other writers, too. Thanks so much, Bonita and Cammi!

  3. Cammi, I can relate to being a low tech writer in a high tech world. Always feels like I’m a step behind and will never catch up to technology. Note to self: pay more attention during my trips to the grocery store. 😉
    Have a fabulous weekend, all.

  4. Kristy, great tight jeans/elastic waistband analogy! 🙂 Bonita, I love the tip about planning your writing out in advance. I think that could work for me. Rather than jotting things down on a random to-do list (that sometimes gets lost on my desk), scheduling tasks and goals in a planner might be the trick. Hello, Cammi, fellow pencil/paper girl! I love my laptop, but pencil/paper still have a place in my writing life. 🙂 I’m really, really, really curious about that paperclip bracelet…

  5. I have been desperate enough to use an eyeliner pencil! When inspiration hits you, you do what you can. I am using the computer more but nothing compares to the feel and smell of a clean notebook.

  6. Nothing beats pen and paper. I love to jot down ideas and draw arrows for possible connections. For me, it just allows more freedom than the computer.

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