Cupid and The Fairy Godmother


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This month, here on Inspired Prompt, we are sharing pieces of our writing. The scene below was deleted from my novel Truth Be Told. Though I loved the scene, it didn’t fit with the pacing of the story, so out it went. But I kept this wonderful exchange between these two older women in my file.

One item I learned from a more seasoned writer was to save all your words.

Now, years ago for me that would have looked like hoarding, but thanks to technology, we can keep most of our written words without any storage issues.  Since hearing that tip, I started saving deleted scenes and tidbits of paragraphs and sentences that I thought might bloom into something new.

So, with that in mind, enjoy this little extra from Truth Be Told.

Adele closed and locked the door as the headlights from Kyle’s vehicle washed into the room. Betty’s house felt quiet now that everyone was gone. 

Kyle and Daisey had been the last to leave, taking the remnants of lunch with them. Adele worried Kyle didn’t see how much Daisey cared for him. She didn’t want him to lead her on, but they were grown. Well, almost.

She figured Betty would be in the small office. She spent more and more time there the closer it got to her surgery.

“Hey, do you want me to fix you something for dinner? I think there’s still some Chinese from the other night.” Adele asked. She waited in the doorway for an answer.

Betty pulled her feet up beside her on the love seat. “No, I’m not hungry but help yourself if you are.”

“I think I’ll wait a while. I’m still stuffed from lunch … and pie.” Adele moved to the chair and lowered herself into it. She drummed her fingers against its arm, trying to decide if she should say anything or not.

Betty set aside the magazine she had been thumbing through and leaned her head back, closing her eyes.

Adele had held her curiosity in check all day since Sarah’s appearance, but she couldn’t go home without knowing.  

“Didn’t you think it strange that Sarah showed up today to ask Haden to take her to the ball.”

Betty opened one eye, then closed it. “Yes, very.”

“I mean since we just talked about that very thing the other day. The day we were planning our strategy on how to get Claire to go with Haden.”

“I remember.” Betty, alert now, reached for the blanket that laid along the back of the love seat.  She spread it over her lap.

“You had said I was the Fairy Godmother and you were Cupid.”

Betty smiled. “I like playing Cupid. You usually get that part as the resident matchmaker. I’m rather enjoying it.”

“Uh huh, maybe a little too much. How did Sarah know Haden didn’t have a date?”

Betty’s eyes widened. “Are you accusing me of telling her?”

Adele didn’t answer.

Betty squirmed under her gaze. “Let’s just say Cupid might have let it slip, to the right people.”

“Out with it. Who did you tell?” Adele leaned forward in the chair with her elbows on her knees.

“I might have inadvertently sent an email to Carol White, saying Haden may or may not need a date to the ball.” Betty moved the magazine and stretched her legs out on the love seat and fussed with the blanket. “I don’t appreciate the third degree. It all worked out didn’t it?”

“Yes, but I thought we had agreed not to involve Sarah. That it’d be too awkward for Haden.”

“I know.” Betty frowned. “But I didn’t see any other way. And since I’m Cupid, I made a judgement call. I thought it was better for him to feel a bit awkward then to miss out on one of the best things that’s come into his life.”

 Adele leaned back with a thud. “I don’t want him finding out we’re meddling and blow his top. Or think Claire had anything to do with this.”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought about that. Surely, he wouldn’t think Claire was part of this.” Betty’s brow furrowed into a tight knot, and her gentle brown eyes filled with concern. Eyes that Adele thought looked a lot like Haden’s.

“If he finds out we’re helping, I don’t know what he’ll think.” Adele signed. “But I’m sure he won’t find out, and even if he does, I think he might be grateful. He’s so smitten with Claire.”

“And Henry.” Betty added.

“Yes, and Henry.” Adele chuckled. “but promise me from here on out you’ll let me know what you’re up to. I don’t want any more surprises.”

“You’re right. We’re in this together, and maybe if I had talked with you first, we could’ve found a way without Sarah.”

Adele detected a gleam of mischief in Betty’s eyes.

“However, it did work beautifully. Didn’t it?”

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Betty and Adele a little better. They are two of my favorite characters. I’m so glad they are around in book two of the series Seeds of Love coming out this spring.

If you’d like a chance to win a free copy of Truth Be Told, leave the name of one of your favorite characters, from a favorite book in the comments.


lTruth Be Told header with words two

Haden Sawyer, owner of Sawyer Construction, didn’t mean to lie to the whole town of Miller Creek, but what was he supposed to do when his fiancé left him two week before the wedding.

Now, Claire Reed and her son Henry have entered his life, and with another lie, he’s placed them both in the center of his world.  Add to the mix his matchmaking Aunt Adele, and a mom who’s desperate to be a grandmother, and Haden’s not sure which way is up. All he knows is what started out as a lie of convenience has transformed into something worth fighting for.

Can Haden win Claire’s trust and heart, or will she see him only as the man who took the easy way out?

If you like a little zing sprinkled with humor, you’ll love Truth Be Told. A sweet contemporary romance with family at its heart.

Available on Amazon, Kindle eBooks, and free on Kindle Unlimited.

5 thoughts on “Cupid and The Fairy Godmother

  1. Bonita, Thank you for sharing your deleted scene. One of my favorite characters is Charlie Lionheart from Joanne Bischof’s Lady and the Lionheart.

  2. AACK! Now I have to add your book to my list, too. I want to know these sweet characters. I want to know Adele and Betty and Claire and Haden.

    For years, I’ve been telling writing students – and myself – that no writing is ever wasted. It is either training, or scribbles intended by God to humble me when I re-read them, or tiny nuggets of “Wow! I actually wrote that!” I have files and files, both electronic and paper, of this type of writing. (No, grocery and To Do Lists don’t count here:-) ) I’m curious, how do you organize these deleted scenes? Where and how do you store them?

    And, thank you for sharing this scene with us. I appreciate your generosity. Keep writing!

  3. Hi Kristy,
    I have rows of journals and a few digitalis files that I label as deleted scenes along with the book title and put them in with the book info.

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