February and March Winners on Inspired Prompt

  1. Hello, all! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on our posts in February and March.  We love your visits. And in March, we decided to let our readers win twice.  Maybe even three times. So, would you like to know if you’re a winner?


  • Lynne Tagawa has gifted Caryl Kane a copy of Shenandoah Road. Congratulations!
  • Amanda Hardin has won a Kindle copy of Erin R. Howard’s urban fantasy book, The Soul Searcher.


  • Caryl Kane has won a copy of Truth Be Told, gifted from Crew member, Bonita Y. McCoy. Woo hoo!
  • Julie Arduini will gift either a print or Kindle copy of You’re Amazing to Caryl Kane.  Congratulations!
  • Another Crew member, Gail Johnson, has given Karen Sargent a print copy of Treasures of Hope: Discovering the Beautiful Truth Beneath My Painful Past. Yay, Karen!
  • Crew member, Jennifer Hallmark is blessing Karen Sargent with a $10 Amazon gift card. Congrats!
  • Allison Wells is gifting Caryl Kane with a Kindle copy of War Torn Heart. Nice!
  • The winner of Prayer: It’s Not About You and the study guide on prayer by Harriet Michael and Shirley Crowder goes to Debbie Klausing. 🙂
  • Betty Thomason Owens is giving Karen Sargent  a print copy of Rebecca’s Legacy. Yay!
  • Merry has won a copy of Rarity Mountain from Sarah L. Foust. Hooray!
  • The Erie Canal Brides Collection featuring Rose Allen McCauley has been won by Caryl Kane.
  • Fay Lamb is offering her collection of The Ties That Bind Series to Linda Jackson. Way to go, Linda!
  • Amanda Hardin has won a copy of Solitary Man by Eric Landfried. Yay!

Thanks again for dropping by! Our readers are the greatest…

One thought on “February and March Winners on Inspired Prompt

  1. OH!MY!GOODNESS! Thank you, Inspired Prompt and amazing authors!

    Congratulations to the other winners! Enjoy and happy reading.

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