Whom Shall I Fear? By Anne Clare

Today we’d like to welcome blogger and author, Anne Clare, to the Inspired Prompt blog to discuss her new book.

Glad you could join us, Anne! Tell us a little about yourself.

Anne: Hello, and thank you for letting me visit today! I’m Anne Clare. My husband, three children, and I live in the beautiful (if drizzly) Pacific Northwest.  After six years as a stay-at-home-mom, I am just stepping back into part-time teaching. I also serve as a church organist/pianist and choir director. I’m working on convincing my children that hiking is fun.

My main writing focus is sharing stories of the Second World War. I research and write about true tales on my blog- thenaptimeauthor.wordpress.com -and use the research to write historical fiction.  I’ve just released my first novel, Whom Shall I Fear?

What do you love most about the writing process?

Anne: First of all, I love it when I find time to write! Between parenting and my other responsibilities, finding quiet time to focus enough to tell a coherent story is always a small victory.

I also love the “aha” moments- those moments when I find just the right piece of history, just the right character motivation, or just the right phrase to make everything in a post or story come together.

How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

Anne: I have a second WWII novel drafted out. I’m excited about the plot and characters- POW escapes, troubles from their pasts to overcome, all kinds of excitement- but it needs a considerable amount of research to make certain that all of the excitement is plausible!

The third book exists only in my head.

If you could give advice to your younger writing self, what would it be?

Anne: Stop using the “tab” key for paragraphs and double spaces after periods! Reformatting all of that will be a real pain later! 🙂

What are common traps for aspiring writers?

Anne: I think it’s very easy in this world of “instant information” to get overwhelmed by all of the writing advice out there and to compare our writing journeys to others.

  1. Not all online advice is good.
  2. Everyone’s journey looks different.
  3. You’ve got to follow that path that God’s given you, not the path He’s given someone else.
  4. For those of us with young kids, that might mean that some days are productive writing days, others are “clean up your kids’ vomit and just sit and rock them” days. There’s no shame in either one.

What does literary success look like to you?

Anne: Keeping up consistent blogging for two years and getting a novel to publication are two huge milestones that I’m thankful to have reached. Continuing to write, and to write pieces that I’m proud of, pieces that matter to me and to my readers, are my biggest markers of success.

Future Projects or WIP you can talk about?

Anne: As of right now, it’s a summer of research, and I’m seeing where that leads me. I’ll keep my blog updated however- I’d love it if you’d stop by to check out what I’m up to!

Thanks for dropping by, Anne. And readers, Anne would like to offer a copy of her ebook, Whom Shall I Fear? to a reader who shares what their favorite historical fiction era is in the comments below.

Whom Shall I Fear?

All that Sergeant James Milburn wants is to heal. Sent to finish his convalescence in a lonely village in the north of England, the friends he’s lost haunt his dreams. If he can only be declared fit for active service again, perhaps he can rejoin his surviving mates in the fight across Sicily and either protect them or die alongside them. 

All that Evie Worther wants is purpose. War has reduced her family to an elderly matriarch and Charles, her controlling cousin, both determined to keep her safely tucked away in their family home. If she can somehow balance her sense of obligation to family with her desperate need to be of use, perhaps she can discover how she fits into her tumultuous world. 

All that Charles Heatherington wants is his due. Since his brother’s death, he is positioned to be the family’s heir with only one step left to make his future secure. If only he can keep the family matriarch happy, he can finally start living the easy life he is certain he deserves. 

However, when James’s, Evie’s and Charles’s paths collide, a dark secret of the past is forced into the light, and everything that they have hoped and striven for is thrown into doubt. Weaving in historical detail from World War II in Britain, Italy and Egypt, WHOM SHALL I FEAR? follows their individual struggles with guilt and faith, love and family, and forces them to ask if the greatest threat they face is really from the enemy abroad. 

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Anne Clare lives in the gorgeous green Pacific Northwest of the United States with her husband and three children. As well as reading and writing about the Second World War, she keeps busy teaching part time and serving as a church musician. Find her on Facebook or Twitter.