Ten Ways to Bless Others Through Your Writing Skills

by Bonita Y. McCoy


Like everyone else writers revolve around family, friends, and those commitments we make to our community. So, it’s no surprise that we want to give back to those we care about most. Sometimes, it can be hard to know what we can do.

So, I compiled a short list.

Here are ten ways a writer can give back to their family and community by using their God given talent to enhance other people’s lives.

Five Ways to Give Back to Family:

  • Interview a veteran in your family about his history or war experience and share it with the whole family through Wattpad or Amazon Kindle.
  • Map out the family tree and write snippets from each era or generation, making sure to include the family favorites that everyone knows and several that are unique.
  • Compile a family cookbook of favorite recipes and traditions. Ask each member for a favorite memory that revolves around food.
  • Create a book of family weddings and baby showers. Include lots of pictures and maybe some poems.
  • Write a family newsletter to send out at Christmas or New Year’s or Easter to keep friends and extended family in the loop with what’s going on in life.


  • Create a book of memories of someone who has passed to keep their wonderful stories alive.


Five Ways to Give Back to Your Community:

  • Volunteer to teach a workshop on writing at the local Senior Citizen Center or after school program.
  • Help promote a local cause like a charity, non-profit, or animal shelter through your blog or start a blog for them.
  • Write an article or pamphlet to draw attention to medical issues that may not have a lot of media coverage in your area.
  • Write a newsletter for your subdivision, neighborhood, or church to help the group feel connected and informed.
  • Contribute to the local newspaper to highlight the humor in your own backyard.

As you can see, there are so many ways God can use our writing skills to benefit not only ourselves but our friends, families, and neighbors. [Click-to-Tweet]

Writing Prompt:

Jill heard about the problems her neighbors were having with drivers speeding through the subdivision, but as a writer, she wasn’t sure how she could help.





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