3 Questions Wednesday with Ann Gabhart

Welcome to 3 Questions Wednesday! Today the Inspired Prompt welcomes best-selling author, Ann Gabhart! Thanks for taking time to join us.

First question:
Who is your favorite author?

Ann: Picking a favorite author for me is as hard as picking a favorite book. I have many favorites. I might once have said James Michener when I was devouring his long history filled novels. At a different time, I would have said Chaim Potok for the way his characters came so to life in his books The Promise and The Chosen that I hoped to somehow make my own characters leap off the page in the same way. But now, I would say all the wonderful Christian authors I’ve met since I began publishing Christian fiction. This is not only because of their lovely stories but because through the bond of Christian faith and fiction, we’ve become friends.

You’re correct, so many great authors to choose from, but we’re always glad to support those who are brothers and sisters in Christ.  Next question…

 If you could write about anyone or anything fiction/nonfiction who or what would you write about?

Ann: I do feel as though I’ve already written about what I want to write about. Not once but several times. At one time in my writing life, I went through a long stretch of rejections. I was writing but my stories weren’t finding any loving editors. I tried this idea and then another. Finally, I decided not to worry about potential markets or agreeable editors and instead write the story I wanted to write. That story turned out to be Scent of Lilacs, and it did find a loving editor and even better brought me into the world of Christian fiction. I’ve been here ever since writing what I most want to write about each time I put my fingers on my keyboard and type Chapter One. That’s not to say the writing is always easy, but most of the stories have been exactly those stories I wanted to write. For the future, I do have a few glimmering ideas that I hope someday to develop into novels. I’d like to write another book about my Rosey Corner characters and I’d like to write one more Hidden Springs mystery.

Sounds great. Last question:

If you could spend time with a character from your book or another book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

Ann: An interesting question. It’s making me think. I’ve created so many different characters. I might say Jocie from Hollyhill, but I do spend time with her when I let her write posts for her Heart of Hollyhill blog. Or I could say Kate from the Rosey Corner books since I modeled her attitude and personality after how I thought my mother would have been at the age of fourteen. But the question says book, not books. So I’m guessing you mean which character from my most recent release, The Refuge. The character I would choose from that book might surprise you. I’d choose Eldress Maria, the Shaker in the book who did her best to convince my main character, Darcie, to commit to the Shaker way. I would like to listen to her reasons for being a lifelong Shaker and hear stories of her life there. I can only imagine how nice it would to be taken on a tour by a true Shaker of her village in the 1800’s when the village was at its peak of membership and interest. I’d be able to tour the houses and workshops where the Shakers would be industriously following their saying of “Hands to Work and Hearts to God.” I could sit in on their worship service and hear their songs and the sound of their feet in the meeting house as they “exercised” their dances. They’d invite me to dinner and I could enjoy their delicious fare. At the end of the day, I would leave still thinking they were wrong in much of what they believed, but I would be glad to have had the chance to see in person the Shaker way for that one day.

It would be fun to be transported back in time to truly experience our characters’ lives. Thanks so much for dropping by!

Click to tweet: At one time in my writing life, I went through a long stretch of rejections. I was writing but my stories weren’t finding any loving editors. I tried this idea and then another. Finally, I decided not to worry about potential markets or agreeable editors and instead write the story I wanted to write.

Ann Gabhart is offering to give away a book! Comment on this post that you would like to be included in the drawing and any other comment. We will draw a name on Sunday, September 22nd. 

The Refuge
Can the power of love and the bond of family triumph in a community that cannot accept either? With the threat of a cholera epidemic at their heels, Darcie and Walter Goodwin join the Shakers whose villages seem immune to the disease. It’s meant to be temporary, but when Walter is killed in a riverboat accident, destitute Darcie has little choice but to stay with the Shakers. To complicate matters, she is expecting a baby conceived before she and her husband came to the Shaker village. Marital relationships are considered sinful in this celibate community, putting Darcie in a unique—and lonely—position. Can the arrival of widower Flynn Keller and his headstrong daughter offer Darcie the hope of happiness?

Ann’s books are available on her website, www.AnnHGabhart.com, Barnes and Noble Booksellers, and Amazon

Ann H. Gabhart is the bestselling author of more than thirty-five novels, including River to Redemption, the 2019 Selah Historical Book of Year. For her latest release, The Refuge, she returns to her fictional Shaker village of Harmony Hill where all her popular Shaker novels have been set. She also writes about family life, love and mystery in small towns like the Kentucky town, Lawrenceburg, where she grew up. Her Hidden Springs mysteries are published under the author name, A. H. Gabhart. She and her husband have three children and nine grandchildren and still enjoy country life on a farm near that small town. To find out more about Ann’s books or to read her blog, visit www.annhgabhart.com. You can also join the conversation on her Facebook page,  www.facebook.com/anngabhart.

28 thoughts on “3 Questions Wednesday with Ann Gabhart

  1. Hi, I would love to be in in the drawing for your book! Thanks. Your books sound intriguing and like very good page turners, I love the covers. I enjoyed reading the author interview and I enjoyed reading what the books are about. I will definitely add these books to my TBR list. Have a Great rest of the week. God Bless you.

  2. Please include me in your drawing. I have enjoyed reading several of Ann’s books and she is one of my favorite authors.

  3. Thank you for having a drawing for your book, I would love to be in the drawing. I haven’t read many of your books, but I do have a number of them on my TBR lists.

  4. The next best thing to being in the already read stack is being in the TBR stack, Colleen. I hope you will give some more of my stories a try and that when you do, you’ll enjoy the read.

  5. Ann, I love your stories! You have such a genuine style, and your characters are determined to achieve, and do the right thing! As I read your stories, I feel like I am truly there! You are such a caring person to offer these opportunities! God bless you Ann. Or should I say, I know he already has! 😊

  6. Thank you, Carrie, for your kinds words. I appreciate you reading my stories and I’m glad you feel like you’re living the story with the characters. That’s what writers like to hear. And you are very right. I am blessed way beyond what I deserve.

  7. Love all your books.But i think the Shakers books was the ones I couldn’t put down. Enjoyed the interveiw.

  8. You already know that you are my favorite author and that I love all of your books! Thanks for all the drawings that you do and thanks for being such a great friend! Tell Patricia I said hi! I don’t see her posts anymore 😥. Facebook doings? Anyways, thanks and I can’t wait for your new book to come out!!!

  9. So glad you liked the interview, Norma, and even happier you’ve enjoyed my stories. Thanks for reading them. That line “couldn’t put it down” is one writers like to hear.

  10. Ann: I have so enjoyed your books, learning about the Shaker religious characters, you make them seem to come alive. While their beliefs are so different than ours, it shows how life was back then! Thank you for writing their stories. Keep up the great stories, so anxious to read your newest one!

  11. Thanks, Linda Dianne. I appreciate your sweet words. I do enjoy giving away books and meeting reading friends via the internet too. I’ll tell Patricia when I see her. You can always search for her name on Facebook and go directly to her posts if you want to see what’s happening down her way.

  12. The Shakers were definitely different. They had so many good qualities with their kindness and desire for peace. But they did worship differently for sure. Thank you so much for reading my stories, Edith. Hope you will enjoy more of mine even those that aren’t Shaker ones. 🙂

  13. Congratulations Colleen! Your name was randomly drawn to win Ann’s book give away!! Let me reach out to Ann to see the best way to get it to you.

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