A few minutes with Author, Linda Ray Center

Linda Ray Center and her husband, Bill, split their time between charming Chattanooga, TN. and Florida’s friendliest golfing community, The Villages. She has worn many hats in my career days.  At age twenty, she opened a dance and gymnastic training center. Thirty-five years later, she captained a cruise boat on the Gulf of Mexico. Her last undertaking before turning to a writing career was planning weddings. A passion for writing was something she never saw coming. Her first published book, The Relationship Dance, released in 2016. This year, book one of her young adult trilogy, Crystal Discovers The Glow, a children’s Christian fantasy series was released.  She is a contributing writer for several Christian magazines and an inspirational speaker in cities across the US addressing the importance of education to children. She’s crazy about her blended family, which consists of five adult children, four grandchildren, and a Shoodle dog named Louie.

Why do I love the writing process?
Writing creates an avenue I use to share what God has accomplished and is still accomplishing in my life. I love the continual challenge of fine-tuning my writing (eliminating weak verbs, avoiding rabbit trails, and mastering the comma, just to name a few).

How many unpublished books do I have?
I plan to write the two final books of The Glow Series in the near future.

Advice to my younger self.
When I began writing, it was a wake-up call for me on how little I actually studied and learned in school. As a young adult, I didn’t realize that a dancer’s career couldn’t last forever. Advice to my younger self? “Buckle down and study; you’ll thank me later! Your education is more important than you know.”

Common traps for aspiring writers.
As a new writer, I fell into the trap of thinking my writing was for everyone. Writing a mission statement helped me to pinpoint my audience and to write with them in mind.

What does literary success look like to me?
Literary success, to me, begins by enlarging my target base of readers to spread the message I hold in my heart.

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As a new writer, I fell into the trap of thinking my writing was for everyone. Writing a mission statement helped me to pinpoint my audience and to write with them in mind.

About Linda Ray Center

Linda Ray Center is an author and inspirational speaker addressing the importance of education to children. Center and her husband reside in the Deep South. She’s a hands-on grandmother and will showcase her grandchildren’s pictures at any given moment. She encourages God’s design in relationships of all kinds and for all ages.

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Future Projects
I enjoy writing for Christian magazines and would like to expand that focus, as well as build a larger number of blog followers to share the message of building strong relationships and have more interactive conversations with them. I look forward to more opportunities to guest blog, and I plan to complete The Glow trilogy and possibly turn it into a series.

Reading and Exercise

Hope y’all have a Merry Christmas full of love, joy, peace, and hope!

(And of course, reading) 🙂

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Writing Prompt:

Take the photo below and write a flash fiction story (under 1000 words) of what comes to mind.

3 Questions Wednesday with Dawn Kinzer

Welcome to 3 Questions Wednesday! Today Inspired Prompt welcomes author Dawn Kinzer.  Thanks for taking the time to join us.

First question:
Who is your favorite author?
Dawn: That question is almost impossible to answer because I enjoy so many authors and genres. Francine Rivers made a huge impression on me with Redeeming Love. Besides being a beautiful story of redemption, that book made me realize that Christian fiction could make a difference in a person’s life, and just because novels were labeled Christian, they didn’t have to be overly sweet. Instead, they could portray real life and struggles while still offering hope. The Mark of the Lion series by Francine also impacted my life with the eye-opening and riveting storylines.

You are right, so many good authors out there the choose from. Next question…
If you could write about anyone or anything fiction/nonfiction who or what would you write about?

Dawn: A story has been brewing in my mind for several years pertaining to a real-life incident that occurred at the Alaska–Yukon–Pacific Exposition in 1909. The event was considered Seattle’s first world’s fair—before the Space Needle was built for the fair in 1962. It’s become the story that won’t let go of me, so my hope is to flesh it out in the coming year.

All of my novels have organically or intentionally ended up with common themes woven into them, and I think others will continue with those messages. One theme is forgiveness—the willingness to forgive others, the ability to accept forgiveness, and the strength to forgive ourselves.

Another common theme in my stories is that God is still in control, and although we may not understand why he allows heartbreaks and our lives to fall apart at times, he often has something better ahead for us. Through my stories, I also encourage readers to find purpose, pursue their dreams, and use their God-given gifts at any and all stages of life.

We all need that reminder that we have a loving God who is always with us. Last question: If you could spend time with a character from your book or another book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

Dawn: I have a favorite from each of my books, but the character I’d choose to spend the day with from By All Appearances would be Liana Tate. We’d join forces in creating an extraordinary Christmas party for homeless children. As a special events planner, Liana has the resources and creativity to make gatherings festive, and when I entertain during the holidays, I enjoy making those occasions special. There is a large ministry to the homeless in Seattle where several friends are on staff. What a gift it would be to provide a fun, colorful celebration where the children would feel welcomed and loved.

Children always steal my heart, especially those who are struggling. Thanks for stopping by.

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About Dawn Kinzer

Dawn Kinzer is a freelance editor, and her own work has been published in various devotionals and magazines. She co-hosts and writes for the Seriously Write blog. Sarah’s Smile is the first book in her historical romance series The Daughters of Riverton, Hope’s Design is the second, and Rebecca’s Song completes the trilogy. Her first contemporary romance, By All Appearances, released in November 2019.

A mother and grandmother, Dawn lives with her husband in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Favorite things include dark chocolate, good wine, strong coffee, the mountains, family time, and Masterpiece Theatre.

You can connect and learn more by visiting these online sites: Author WebsiteFaithfully Write EditingFacebookPinterestInstagramAmazon Author Page, BookBub, and Goodreads.


I Think I Did Pretty Well

Steve Martin quote by Gail Johnson on Inspired Prompt

I pray you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Until next year . . .

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Writing Prompt

Sandra ripped the red metallic paper from the box and lifted the lid. Seeing the crisp white pages inside, she squealed with delight. The first thing she would do . . .

If Tomorrow Were Christmas


bright-christmas-christmas-decor-716738 (1)


Corrie Ten Boom – Who can add to Christmas? The perfect motive is that God so loved the world. The perfect gift is that He gave His only Son. The only requirement is to believe in Him. The reward of faith is that you shall have everlasting life.


If tomorrow were Christmas and the presents weren’t wrapped,

The pies needed filling, the gingers weren’t snapped.

If tomorrow were Christmas and the stockings lay limp,

the fire didn’t roar, the tree mostly bent.

If tomorrow were Christmas and the cards had no stamps,

The turkeys sat frozen, the lights had no amps

Would Christmas still come if nothing got done?


If tomorrow were Christmas and the hymns were not sung,

The flights were delayed, the wreaths never hung.

If tomorrow were Christmas and the snow didn’t fall,

The stores wouldn’t open, the kids couldn’t call.

If tomorrow were Christmas and the bells didn’t ring,

The pudding went flat, there were no carols to sing.

Would Christmas still come if nothing got done?


If tomorrow were Christmas, what would it bring?

Rushing and stressing, or worshiping the King?

If tomorrow were Christmas, what would it hold?

Feasts for our bodies, or feasts for our souls?

If tomorrow were Christmas, what would it be?

All about Jesus, or all about me?

Yes, Christmas would come if nothing got done.


For presents and singing and eating and such

The myriad of things, on which we spend so much

Are tidbits and pieces of the true celebration

Of God’s only Son; man’s hope and salvation.

So, open the presents and hang the wreaths

Call the kids and enjoy the feast.

For Christmas Day has come to us; it’s nothing we have done.