3 Questions Wednesday with Lynn Watson

Welcome to 3 Questions Wednesday! Today Inspired Prompt welcomes author Lynn Watson.  Thanks for taking the time to join us.

First question:
Who is your favorite author?
Lynn: Francine Rivers delivers great stories. She had me at Redeeming Love so many years ago. A few years back, The Lady and the Lionheart drew me into Joanne Bishof’s work. Even more recently, I discovered Roseanna M. White’s stories through her Shadows Over England Series. Her delightful characters bring me back over and over again.

Sounds like I’ve just added a few books to my reading list. Next question…You’ve been chosen to write a biography about your favorite historical person. Who would that be?

Lynn: Biblical characters are historical, of course. I’ve written several stories about them in my devotional books. The “interview” I had with Rahab for The Essence of Humility was especially fun to write.

In the third grade, I checked out Amelia Earhart, from the school library. Hers was the first biography I read, and I continue to be intrigued by her story. Recently new clues have been found, and the search reopened to learn what happened that fateful day in 1937. Probably not the best choice for publication options since many stories have been written about her life, but I would enjoy the adventure.

Speaking of adventure, a hot air balloon ride was on my bucket list. The wish came true a couple years ago. I have thought many times of incorporating the billowing magic into a story. Aw, shucks! That would mean lots more “research.” Anyone else like to float away with me?

You are an adventurer! Last question: If you could spend time with a character from your book or another book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

Lynn: My current work-in-progress is a novel inspired by a true story from my great-grandmother’s life –  a daughter of German nobility, disowned by family, and sent to America alone and seven months pregnant. I would ask her a million and one questions to hear it all (the little I know plus the rest of the story) from her point of view. It would be a joy to fill her in on the lives her story has touched. I hope she would encourage my endeavor to use the stories to make a difference for the unborn today. I’ll always wonder how close my fictionalized version is to reality.

Sounds interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

Click to tweet: Biblical characters are historical, of course. I’ve written several stories about them in my devotional books. The “interview” I had with Rahab for The Essence of Humility was especially fun to write.

Christmas Collection

I’m delighted to have two stories included in Remembering Christmas, compiled and edited by Yvonne Lehman. The latest “Divine Moments Book” from Grace Publishing released in October.  Royalties from the sale of the book will be donated to Samaritan’s Purse.  Available from Amazon.

Nostalgia. It’s our link to our personal history and identity. It’s that feeling that allows us to reconnect with our childhood, recall the joys of a simpler time, feel closer to those we have lost, experience once again the delight of a cherished moment, even strengthen our faith. Join these 43 authors as they share their personal stories of Christmases past. Perhaps they will bring to mind your own treasured memories.

Connect with Lynn

About Lynn Watson

Lynn fell in love with essential oils a dozen years ago, and fell in love with Jesus decades earlier. She holds a journalism degree from the University of Memphis, is a nationally board certified reflexologist, a certified aromatherapist, and has been a contributor to Natural Awakenings Memphis and the Reflexology Association of America Newsletter. A leader in women’s ministry for many years, Lynn has led numerous Bible studies and written a couple, too. She shares spicy essences of Scripture to encourage you to diligently cultivate your heart, growing your roots deep in an intimate relationship with Jesus. Follow her writing journey when you subscribe to our newsletter. She and Steve have been married since 1973 and call Bartlett, Tennessee home. Their lives are blessed with two adult children, their spouses, and five beautiful (of course) grandchildren.

Readers, Thank you for stopping by 3-Question Wednesday. I had a great time answering the questions. Your feedback would be a treat. Here’s a treat for you.

Book Giveaway

Leave comments below to be entered in Lynn’s book giveaway. “I wish everyone could win. We know that can’t happen, but you will find the book available in ebook and paperback on Amazon and most other booksellers.”

The Essence of Joy: Filling Your Heart with the Aromas of Jesus’ Nativity The scents of Christmas invite our imaginations into the holiday season. What emotions flood your heart when the holiday aromas waft your way?

4 thoughts on “3 Questions Wednesday with Lynn Watson

  1. Hi , I enjoyed getting to know this new author to me . How brave of you to ride on a hot air balloon, I don’t think I could be that brave. You are very brave and it sounds like your great grandmother was a very , very brave lady! Your books sound like very good reads. I would love to read your books , I will be adding them to my TBR list. God Bless you all. Thank you for sharing this 3 questions , I really enjoyed reading this and learning about these very good sounding books.

  2. Thank you, Alicia, for stopping by to comment. I believe my great-grandmother was an amazingly brave lady. I’m praying I will do justice to her story. Merry Christmas! ~ Lynn Watson

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