3 Questions Wednesday with Dawn Kinzer

Welcome to 3 Questions Wednesday! Today Inspired Prompt welcomes author Dawn Kinzer.  Thanks for taking the time to join us.

First question:
Who is your favorite author?
Dawn: That question is almost impossible to answer because I enjoy so many authors and genres. Francine Rivers made a huge impression on me with Redeeming Love. Besides being a beautiful story of redemption, that book made me realize that Christian fiction could make a difference in a person’s life, and just because novels were labeled Christian, they didn’t have to be overly sweet. Instead, they could portray real life and struggles while still offering hope. The Mark of the Lion series by Francine also impacted my life with the eye-opening and riveting storylines.

You are right, so many good authors out there the choose from. Next question…
If you could write about anyone or anything fiction/nonfiction who or what would you write about?

Dawn: A story has been brewing in my mind for several years pertaining to a real-life incident that occurred at the Alaska–Yukon–Pacific Exposition in 1909. The event was considered Seattle’s first world’s fair—before the Space Needle was built for the fair in 1962. It’s become the story that won’t let go of me, so my hope is to flesh it out in the coming year.

All of my novels have organically or intentionally ended up with common themes woven into them, and I think others will continue with those messages. One theme is forgiveness—the willingness to forgive others, the ability to accept forgiveness, and the strength to forgive ourselves.

Another common theme in my stories is that God is still in control, and although we may not understand why he allows heartbreaks and our lives to fall apart at times, he often has something better ahead for us. Through my stories, I also encourage readers to find purpose, pursue their dreams, and use their God-given gifts at any and all stages of life.

We all need that reminder that we have a loving God who is always with us. Last question: If you could spend time with a character from your book or another book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

Dawn: I have a favorite from each of my books, but the character I’d choose to spend the day with from By All Appearances would be Liana Tate. We’d join forces in creating an extraordinary Christmas party for homeless children. As a special events planner, Liana has the resources and creativity to make gatherings festive, and when I entertain during the holidays, I enjoy making those occasions special. There is a large ministry to the homeless in Seattle where several friends are on staff. What a gift it would be to provide a fun, colorful celebration where the children would feel welcomed and loved.

Children always steal my heart, especially those who are struggling. Thanks for stopping by.

Click to tweet: Another common theme in my stories is that God is still in control, and although we may not understand why he allows heartbreaks and our lives to fall apart at times, he often has something better ahead for us.

About Dawn Kinzer

Dawn Kinzer is a freelance editor, and her own work has been published in various devotionals and magazines. She co-hosts and writes for the Seriously Write blog. Sarah’s Smile is the first book in her historical romance series The Daughters of Riverton, Hope’s Design is the second, and Rebecca’s Song completes the trilogy. Her first contemporary romance, By All Appearances, released in November 2019.

A mother and grandmother, Dawn lives with her husband in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Favorite things include dark chocolate, good wine, strong coffee, the mountains, family time, and Masterpiece Theatre.

You can connect and learn more by visiting these online sites: Author WebsiteFaithfully Write EditingFacebookPinterestInstagramAmazon Author Page, BookBub, and Goodreads.


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