3 Questions Wednesday with Tracy Ruckman

Tracy Ruckman has many talents, among them are being an author, artist and publisher. Today we will learn more about her. Our first question for Tracy is if you could give a novice writer one piece of advice, what would it be?

Tracy: Get your ideas, stories, articles, essays, devotionals, screenplays down on paper, fleshed out as much as possible before you start the editing process, because once you start editing, your left brain kicks into gear and interferes with the creative right brain process. Outlining before you write is helpful for some, but don’t set your outline in stone – let it be fluid and changeable as you write. Editing can come later, after the story/idea is tangible.

Wow, great advice. Next question, what do you love best and least about the writing process?

Tracy: I had the opportunity to take a screenwriting class as I sought my bachelor’s degree, and I fell in love with the entire screenwriting process. I loved it so much, I sought my MFA in screenwriting. Writing in screenplay format seems to come naturally for me in some ways – my thought processes and imagination develop a story visually. For example, I always thought I’d be a novelist since I devoured them my entire life, but when I began writing novels, critique partners told me time and again that I was skipping details, that I needed to add more layers to fill in details I usually skipped over as I sped read books. I learned that’s because my imagination filled in the details for me, without having to read about them. With screenplays, tiny details aren’t always necessary, because other people, like casting, set designers, location scouts, producers, directors, decide the details  – my job is to create and write the best story I possibly can within the framework of a script.

With screenwriting, I haven’t found any part of the process to be unlikable – the planning process excites me, the writing process fulfills me, the editing process challenges me.

Sounds like you have some insightful critique partners. Our final question for Tracy is describe your writing space.

Tracy: In 2019, Tim and I spent 189 days tent-camping our way around the country, so my writing space has included picnic tables in campgrounds or rest areas, dozens of libraries, restaurant booths, the passenger seat of our SUV, and even a rec center or two. As I write this, we’re helping out with family, so my writing space is a folding card table in our bedroom.

You are a great example of how to create great stories. Thank you for stopping by.

Click to Tweet: Writing in screenplay format seems to come naturally for me in some ways – my thought processes and imagination develop a story visually.

Tracy Ruckman Bio

Tracy Ruckman is an author, artist, and book publisher. Her book, Go West, His Momma Said, released January 8, details the first leg of the Ruckman’s tent-camping journey. The book is available on Amazon. Tracy’s artwork is available for purchase on FineArt America.

If you would like to connect with Tracy, here’s how:


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