3 Questions Wednesday with Shawna Robison Young

Today we are joined by Shawna Robison Young, who draws from her varied life experience to write great stories. Let’s get to know her better with three questions. Our first question, what do you love most about the writing process? The least?

Shawna: I love the excitement of creating a new story, making up the characters and the world they live in. I love getting so wrapped up in it that the day is nearly done and I still have more I want to write. As far as what I like least about the writing process is when I’ve finished the book and I put it in the hands of another writer, editor, or reader to give me their feedback. Those days or weeks are the hardest waiting to see if all my hard work amounted to something others will enjoy reading.

I love those days when we totally immerse ourselves in our writing, characters, and story. Next question, if you could give a novice writer one piece of advice, what would it be?

Shawna:  Write. Just keep writing even when it gets hard, even when you get discouraged, even when life gets busy find some time. Never give up. God gave you this gift for His purpose, use it and keep writing for Him. The words on the page may only be for you or maybe God had you write them to touch another person’s heart or perhaps thousands. Whatever His Will is for your writing journey remember Colossians 3:17, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

Amen! You are so right. Just keep writing and let the Lord lead the way. Final question, give a shout out to a writer friend and your favorite book they’ve written.

Shawna: Mikal Dawn writes funny relatable characters. Her debut novel, Count Me In is my favorite book she’s written. I read it in a day and a half. This rarely happens due to my busy life, but I couldn’t put it down. She also has written several novellas and is in a few book collections with other fantastic authors.

I’ll have to check her out. Thanks for sharing with us today.

Click to tweet: I love the excitement of creating a new story, making up the characters and the world they live in. I love getting so wrapped up in it that the day is nearly done and I still have more I want to write.

Shawna Robison Young Bio

Shawna is the mother of four, a preschool owner and teacher, and a former children’s minister. She is the wife of a navy veteran, and lover of all things chocolate. Whether it’s singing the ABCs, sharing what she’s learned with new writers, or passing along Bible truths to her children’s ministry classes, she’s a teacher at heart. Her novel Waiting among Ashes was a finalist in the 2012 Women of Faith contest, and her short story Michael was a finalist in the 2012 Christian Choice Writing Contest.

Shawna enjoys writing a little bit of the unexpected. Why be normal? In a world of conformity, a touch of something out of the ordinary can make a work of art astonishing.

If you would like to connect with Shawna, here’s how:

Book Overview for the Unsuspecting Heather Meyers:

What if you’ve returned home to start your life over, only to discover you’re there to finish it?

Ready for a fresh start, Heather Meyers flees from not-so-sunny California to her hometown in Indiana. But fate has other plans—stage IV cancer and three months to live. Determined that one more kick from life won’t destroy her faith, Heather fights against its schemes. Before she can take her final rest, redemption must be found for someone she loves.

Physical therapist Dr. Jack Jones (JJ) would do anything to change the past, to not have let his high school sweetheart getaway. Now that Heather’s back, he’d do anything to keep her from leaving. With her time running out, he may never get his chance to set things right.

By a twist of fate and with an extra dab of this and a little bit of that, nurse Anna Ingram sets out to prove that JJ is more than his past mistakes and Heather can find hope and love in the midst of the biggest battle of her life.

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