Life Interrupted

Congratulations! You’re finally writing that best-seller. The words are flowing, your characters are playing along, and your plot is mind-blowing. Life is good. Then it seems everything that can go wrong suddenly rises to meet you.

During these unexpected interruptions, you may find it hard to focus on your WIP. Don’t worry. There are still things you can do to keep your skills sharpened.

Time Management

Writers' Resolutions for 2017 by Karen JurgensLast year brought my writing time to a halt as I faced more responsibilities with elderly family members plus my own health issues. As days turned to weeks and weeks into months, it became necessary for me to write on the go. Here are a few places I found time to write.

Waiting in the doctors’ offices

In the nursing home parking lot

Waiting for my daughter to get out of class

While riding on long trips

While cleaning and cooking

Writing on the go isn’t easy. But with a little imagination and creativity, you’ll be surprised at how many words you’ll have written by the end of the week! Now, let’s look at what we can do with those words.


During difficult times, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with a project. If yours is a long-term interruption, why not set smaller goals. If you can’t work on your story, work on smaller pieces. Write articles, devotions, or short stories. Each small goal will hone your skills as you wait. The most important thing is to keep writing and reading.


If you are a writer who can’t write unless you have absolute solitude, try reading. Reading will hone your editing skills. Reading a well-written book makes you aware of plot patterns and sentence structure. It will also fill your creative tank and get the ideas flowing once more. Keep those ideas tucked away in a safe place until you can begin writing again.


I want to add a caveat here. If you are facing a physical ailment, family responsibilities, or the loss of a loved one, take some time off. Do not feel guilty for needing time away from the computer. The book will be there when you are ready. Your health is the most crucial issue. There is only one you. And guess what, you can’t do everything. Believe me. Take care of yourself.

Remember, God holds it all in His hands. He knew everything that would come our way on this journey. His timing is perfect. Our jobs are to submit to His plan, follow His directions, and be ready when the time comes to share what He’s given to us.

Happy writing, dear friend!

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Writing Prompt

Use your imagination and write down ways you can continue writing when life brings interruptions.

9 thoughts on “Life Interrupted

  1. Thanks for the advice! I try to keep my writing notebook with me at all times, but it’s sometimes hard to focus, or ten minutes doesn’t seem like enough time. I need to remember any time is enough time to write..

  2. JPC, I hear you! In my ten minute sessions, I don’t think about the big picture. I narrow my focus to the next scene or conversation, and thinkabout where it should take place. Hope that helps. 😄

  3. Hi, Gail. I’ve had to adjust my thinking when it comes to writing time. I like a large block of undisturbed time to write, but those blocks are few and far between. So I started looking at each day to see if I could sneak an hour or two here or there–out of desperation–because days and weeks were passing without me writing. I was surprised to see at the end of a week that I could actually achieve a respectable word count by stealing an hour or two here or there. I still relish large blocks of writing time, but I’ve come to value the little spaces I find in my week as well. As for managing writing time with interruptions, like you, last year was a difficult one for our family. Sometimes I didn’t have the energy or emotion to spend on writing; sometimes I did. I tried not to pressure myself too much, which can be hard. I’m happy to be back in a season where I can write more.

  4. Hello, Karen. In those difficult seasons, it is easy to feel pressured. So glad you took time off and managed to keep writing at your own pace. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I’m glad you’re back in your happy place! ❤

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