3 Questions Wednesday with Marina Bromley

Happy Wednesday! Today our guest is Marina Bromley, a woman on the move, literally. She and her husband have moved eight times in the last ten years. But along the way she has experienced God’s faithfulness, and met some great friends. Let’s get to know her better.  Our first question, describe your writing space?

Marina: I have always loved writing at my kitchen table, and that is how I “found” my blog name, Marina’s Kitchen Table. It’s the center of the home, a place where friends and family gather, the place I’m most comfortable praying, and I’ve always imagined that what I’m writing, I’m “speaking” to my friends gathered around.

I started blogging in the late 1990s and no matter where we have lived, no matter what the home’s floor plan was, I always settle in that same spot. Actually, I’ve moved 8 times in the past 10 years, and each house has been very different! I’ve lived in little country houses and grand brick homes, and no matter what the space looks like, the kitchen table is the place I’m most comfortable with, and creative in. I may store my laptop on my bedroom desk, but I WRITE at the kitchen table!

Great. You’re right, the kitchen always seems to be the heart of the home. Next question: who is your favorite hero or heroine?

Marina: I didn’t read Little Women as a kid, but when I saw the 1949 version of the movie in my late teens, I fell in love with Jo March. She was a lot of things I related to; bold, outspoken, confident, and curious. Over the years (and as I’ve become and grown in my Christian faith) I’m not so sure I’m as brave as I used to be, but I still love her character. I’m also still a life-long learner, as I think she was meant to be. Insatiably curious, and of course, a writer. I love in the 1994 version how Jo responds to Mr. Mayer’s statement of suggesting she should be a lawyer, with her confidence, “I should have been a great many things, Mr. Mayer.” That’s how I feel too. I’ve been blessed to have had many careers in my life, and there are still many things I’d like to do in my future! I’ll be honest with you though, I love the first two versions so much (for different reasons) that I have not seen the 2019 version yet! The time has come to re-read them and watch the movie, (hmmm…which would be the better prize, reading or watching?)

Reading or watching…it is a difficult decision, either way, it’s a great story with strong characters. Final question: give a shout-out to a writer friend and your favorite book they’ve written.

Marina: Oh, this is tough. I’ve really got a few books that I recommend to people. A MOST favorite book is “Girl Meets Change” by Kristen Strong. We’ve not spent time together in real life, but we’re kindred spirits online. She’s a military wife (now retired) and has had many changes in her life, many moves, and surprises.

The book doesn’t focus on just one kind of change, but many, and she weaves scripture in to remind us that God is the Author of change. It’s beautifully written with stories of women who have faced all sorts of change in life, from moving to losing a spouse, from divorce or death to disappointments in parenting, empty-nesting, and life changes in general. It’s a great reminder that the God who orchestrated change will walk with us through those changes too. It’s full of hope for anyone facing a life-changing circumstance.

God is faithful! Good to learn more about you. Thanks for stopping by. Connect with Marina on any or all of her social platforms below:

Check out her books on Amazon.

Click to Tweet: I didn’t read Little Women as a kid, but when I saw the 1949 version of the movie in my late teens I fell in love with Jo March. She was a lot of things I related to; bold, outspoken, confident, curious.

Marina’s Bio

Marina Bromley has always wanted to be a wife and mother. Married to Mark for over 30 years, they’ve raised their family of 3 and now have 10 grandkids to make memories with. In the past 10 years they’ve moved 8 times, where she’s loved making each house a home and treasures the friendships that have grown in their front yards.

She believes in the gift of forgiveness, the sacrifice of love, the importance of discipleship, the blessing of community, and the power of prayer. A favorite saying is, “Learn from my mistakes, they won’t cost you a thing!” and she shares her stories through writing on her blog and Facebook pages. You can find her at Marina’s Kitchen Table, The Workaholic’s Wife, and Women Helping in Missions, where she shares what it’s like to be a Parent of a Missionary (POM).

You can find her photography featured at Meeting in the Meadow on Facebook and online, where she serves as the VA and Social Media Manager for Roy Lessin, writer and retired co-founder of DaySpring.  In her spare time, Marina can be found living a quiet but amazing life in Alabama, where she enjoys photography, gardening, feeding birds, quilting, crafting, corresponding with friends, hanging out in the front yard with the neighbors, and worshiping God in the midst of every little thing.

“You can learn from my mistakes, and it won’t cost you a thing!” is one of Marina Bromley’s favorite quotes. Over the years she’s had time to reflect on her life lessons and the grace-filled ways God has turned them into blessings. This book is based on what she’s learned through those mistakes, much as she’s shared around her Kitchen Table online and in person over the past 35 years. If you’ve longed to have an older friend, someone who won’t gloss over the mistakes she’s made and will own up to the realities of life, then this book is for you! Take this 30-day journey of scripture focus and practical life application and reflection in Morning Meditations at Marina’s Kitchen Table. “When you read Morning Meditations by Marina Bromley you will enjoy the opportunity of entering her kitchen and getting to know her better. Reading her words is like hearing her talk…her spiritual gifting also comes through the pages. Her voice is as a gentle charge with a clear “giddy-up” encouraging God’s people to press on in their everyday walk with Jesus.”
– Roy Lessin, Author, Bible teacher, and co-founder of DaySpring.
Share a comment on this post and be included in a drawing for a free book. Marina will be drawing on Friday, March 27th.

5 thoughts on “3 Questions Wednesday with Marina Bromley

  1. Oh yes! Who needs fiction with such amazing real-life situations and insights! Her writing is amazing, her love for the Lord inspiring. A true hero of the faith.

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