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By Bonita Y. McCoy

This month with the world going crazy, the Inspired Prompt crew decided to give our readers an update on what’s new with us.

Here’s what the next few months hold for me if everything goes according to plan:

  • I hope to attend the Killer Nashville Conference, August 20-23 in Franklin, Tennessee. This conference is a great time for me to learn more about writing cozy mysteries especially now that I have a series put out by Winged Publications. Book one of the Amy Kate Mystery series, Twisted Plots, is out, but I am in the middle of writing book two, Family Twist.
  • I’ve also entered this conference’s competition, The Silver Falchion Award. I may not win, but it’s a personal victory because I defeated the fear factor and did it.
  • The other conference I am hoping to attend is The Blue Lake Christian Writers Retreat which has been moved to October. I love this retreat because it fits me so well. It’s low-key, full of worship, and the food and people are awesome.

Writing and Publishing:

  • My North Alabama Word Weavers International group put out a thirty-day devotional called Coffee With God which if you know me is a great match. Big coffee drinker.
  • Also, in March, I published the second in my Sawyer Sweet Romance series, Seeds of Love. This story took several rewrites to get the heroine just so. But the story turned out better than I could have hoped and now, I’m truly thankful my Beta readers and editor worked with me to make it a sigh-worthy romance.
  • My other projects on my bulletin board are Merry Christmas Mix-up and Billionaire Cowboy Next Door. To say I’m learning the value of faithfully showing up each day to write is an understatement.

Thanks for checking in with me. I hope the craziness in your own world is balanced by some time with God and keeping in touch with those you love, even if it’s over the internet or by phone.


Read a copy of Seeds of LoveSeeds of Love_ebook

Bonita McCoy 2018


Bonita Y. McCoy hails from the Great State of Alabama where she lives on a five-acre farm with two cows, two dogs, two cats, and one husband who she’s had for over thirty years. She is a mother to three grown sons and two beautiful daughters-in-law, one who joined the family from Japan. She loves God, and she loves to write. Her articles, devotions, and novels are an expression of both these passions.

Drop by and visit her Facebook Author’s Page or Instagram page or visit her website bonitaymccoy.com where you can find her books, blog, and all the other things she might be doing.

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