Glimpses of God

by Shirley Crowder


What extraordinary opportunities and options our current situation has provided everyone—particularly Christ-following writers!

People are feeling isolated, lonely, fearful, and uncertain about the future. They are hungry to read encouraging books, articles, and blogs. This provides a perfect setting for us!

Let me share some of the ways the Lord has provided for me to minister during this time.

I do a great deal of biblical counseling—usually face-to-face. I’m beginning to get a little more adept at counseling via Zoom. My counseling cases have increased exponentially as women and girls deal with their fear, uncertainty, isolation, and loneliness. Pray for me to have wisdom and discernment as I seek to bring Hope and help through the Holy Spirit-inspired Word of God.

I’m working on many aspects of The Addiction Connection ministry as we attempt to increase the number of biblical resources we can make available to those hurting as they live under the bondage of addiction and their families. I’m also working on plans for our annual Leadership Summit in October.

I have numerous writing projects (books, articles, Bible studies, and blogs) in various stages of writing that I’ll be talking about some of these soon on my blog and social media accounts.

I’m helping a friend get a book ready for publication and working on producing a genealogy for a friend.

Harriet Michael, my co-author on most of my devotionals and I have just completed working on the galleys for our latest devotional that is scheduled for release in May. This is the second devotional in our Glimpses of God series.


Creator God made the world in which we live. He placed the moon and stars in the sky, the rivers and ocean on the earth. He also created seasons throughout the year. Each season is defined by specific features and attributes that are common, although the degree varies depending on where a person lives. In winter, we think of cold weather; in spring, blooming flowers; in summer, warm weather; and in the fall, beautifully colored leaves.

As Christ-followers, we also experience spiritual seasons. These seasons do not come in order like seasons in nature, which come regularly without fail. Each spiritual season we experience is defined by certain features, too. In spiritual winter, we think of the coldness of our relationship with God; in spring, new growth; in summer, warmth and heat; in fall, shedding the old and preparing for difficult days ahead.

In the same way that nature’s seasons serve a purpose on earth, so do the seasons in our spiritual lives. God provides, cares for, and sustains the earth, and in His faithfulness, He does the same for us. Our responsibility is to be obedient to God’s commands in the Bible and to cling to the truth that God is in control.

This devotional is focused on summer—both calendar and spiritual. Our spiritual summer is a time of growth, hard work, and relaxation as we nurture and care for the new things that were planted in our spiritual spring and allow them to ripen or mature.

We pray that as you read and meditate upon the Bible passages and truths in each devotional that you will catch glimpses of God in and through everything around you. How has He provided for you? How is He protecting you? How is He teaching you?

The first devotional in the series is Glimpses of God: a winter devotional for women.

00 GGW final front (1)

Writing Prompt: Write a summary of something you have experienced or observed during the pandemic that has given you “glimpses of God.” Write what biblical truths you identified in the experience or observation.

Tweet: We can see “glimpses of God” in and through everything around you. How has He provided for you? How is He protecting you? How is He teaching you? #amwriting #GodisatWord

Shirley Crowder is passionate about disciple-making. She is a biblical counselor commissioned by, and serving on the national Advisory Team for The Addiction Connection. Several of her articles have appeared in “Paper Pulpit” in The Gadsden Times‘ Faith section, and in a David C. Cook publication. She also writes articles for Life Bible Study, Woman’s Missionary Union, The Addiction Connection,and

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