3 Questions Wednesday with Laurie Boulden

Welcome to Wednesday! Today our guest is Laurie Boulden, who is an educator with a love of storytelling. Let’s get to know her. Our first question, what was the best money you ever spent as a writer concerning craft? How about marketing?

No photo description available.Laurie: When I became serious about wanting to publish nearly 10 years ago, I searched online for Florida conferences. I discovered the Florida Christian Writers Conference. Up until this year, it’s been held at the end of February. Writers, authors, publishers, and editors meet and work on their craft. It is an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much over the years. Won a few awards, including Author of the Year in 2016. I strongly recommend any writer, from novice to experienced, find a conference in their area to work on and grow their craft.

Continuing to educate ourselves and build our craft is so important, and conferences are a great way to do so. Next question: If you could give a novice writer one piece of advice, what would it be?

Laurie: Lose the rose-colored glasses. Writing is an amazing experience. It is awe-inspiring to see your story hanging out on a shelf in a bookstore or library. If you get hung up on the fame and fortune, you will be in for a horrible disappointment. Writing takes work, and even when you’ve poured your sweat, blood, and tears into a project, there is no guarantee your project will move beyond your circle of connections. If that’s the only reason you write, you will soon be dejected and quit. Don’t be like that. Write because you love stories. Share as many of them as you possibly can. If, by the grace of God in whatever form it takes, you become a household name, be thankful. Be humble. Don’t expect success, but be blessed if it happens.

You are so right. We write to tell our stories and share our talent. Final question, Who is your favorite fictional hero or heroine? Villain?

Laurie: Bilbo Baggins is my favorite fictional hero. Frodo, too, but Frodo gets so worn down by his experiences, I place Bilbo first. Bilbo doesn’t think much of himself, but he does things anyway. He writes poetry. He converses with dragons. He enjoys a simple life. Is generous when he can be. Is prepared for an unexpected party. If you’re heading on any sort of holiday or adventure, he’s the one to have at your side. Even when something (or everything) goes wrong, he’ll devise a plan. He’s also a writer. How great is that?

Bilbo would make a good traveling companion. Thanks for stopping by. Connect with Laurie on any or all of her social platforms below:

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Laurie Boulden Bio:

Dr. Laurie Boulden is an expert teacher. Teaching has been a passion of hers since she was little. She lined up dolls and stuffed animals to “teach” and do her homework. She also discovered she liked words, specifically putting words together to form stories.

She admits to not being a brilliant linguist, but does know how to express a scene and make it come alive. She has always had an incredible imagination. And probably spent more hours staring out the window in fourth grade than focusing on lessons and learning. The teacher finally moved her to where she couldn’t see trees swaying and leaves chattering with squirrels. As she has grown, she learned to harness her imagination and create books.

Instead of nicely focusing within one genre, her panache for creating stories reaches into the Bible, into dark alleys and darker deeds, and light-hearted laughs with a Christmas flare. Then, there’s her other self, bursting with fantasies and fairy tales. Something for almost everyone.

Imagination aside, feeding her creativity tends to come through traveling. Exploring new places, meeting a variety of people, spending time in a cool wood or walking across rolling hills—there’s something about a new place and experience that revs gets her imaginative wheels turning. Her most beloved place to travel is New Zealand. She went for Lord of the Rings and discovered beauty in both the place and people. It feels like home. She was welcomed into churches, into schools, and the scenery from top to bottom is breathtaking. She looks forward to returning.

Jewel of Jericho

The story of Rahab comes to us through Joshua. Forty years of wandering have brought the children of Israel to their Promised Land, now controlled by the peoples of Canaan. This remarkable story tells of Jewish spies and their unexpected saving. There is a call and a reason to answer. Through it all, the hand of God moves not only nations to war, but individuals to great risks and greater rewards.

My name is Rahab. I am a woman of Canaan. I do not belong in the lineage of the greatest love story, and yet, I am here. Kings have come through me. My people would look in wonder or scorn. It matters not for they are no more. Rahabek is a strong name. I took it to myself and carried my head high. Now it has come down through the ages, the story of a whore who betrayed her people. But I do not think they were my people. The One who called from across the Jordan said I am His. He is mine. As such, His people have become my people. My haughty head I now bow low, for I am redeemed in love and joy.

Listen to my story. Decide for yourself. It is no easy thing to fall into the hands of a fearful God without a willing heart.

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