Not Gonna Say It

by Carlton Hughes

Well, I hate goodbyes.

There. I said it.

I struggle when I visit family (or they visit me) and then we have to part ways. I’m a teacher at my day job, and I get melancholy when students finish my classes, graduate, and move away (Imagine what it was like when my own children did that!). Don’t get me started about the last day of writers conferences when I have to leave my pals I only see once a year (and, this year, not even . . . oh my word).

This post is hard, as you can imagine.

Shirley Crowder, Betty Thomason Owens, Harriet Michael. Photo-bomber alert!

I got to know a lady named Betty Thomason Owens at a writers conference. She witnessed my extreme goofiness (We have a yearly tradition in which I crazily photo-bomb her and other friends) but yet somehow saw something more in me and asked me to be a part of this blog. She introduced me to Jennifer Dison Hallmark, whom I later met in person at another writers conference. That is a really long way to explain how I became a part of the Inspired Prompt Crew. I count the other contributors as friends and have enjoyed sharing this space with them. I appreciate the opportunities provided for me more than they’ll ever know.

I often say that, since we are all a part of the body of Christ, I’m the armpit that makes the funny noises. That is what I’ve tried to do on this blog—stir things up with a lot of humor, a bit of silliness, and a tad of heart. Hopefully, I’ve succeeded with that. Please don’t tell me if I haven’t; I can’t handle the rejection right now. If you’ve read my pieces here, you know how I feel about rejection!

To wind up this post, I am NOT going to say “goodbye” to Inspired Prompt. Instead, I’ll say, “See you later,” “See you around,” “See you on the flipside.”  You have probably heard it before: when God closes one door, He opens another one. Or at least a window. I can’t wait to see what He swings open for such a talented crew.

So good . . . day.

See what I did there?

After while, crocodile!