Till We Read Again

“Write an article!” Jennifer said. “It will be fun!” Jennifer said. “You can do it!” Jennifer said. And you know what? Jennifer was right.

Manos de persona tecleando en máquina de escribir vintage en mesa de madera vista desde arriba

In 2017, I wrote my first article for the Inspired Prompt – a short summary about my favorite story, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. Before that, I never considered writing articles. I thought of myself as a fiction writer. I had a very narrow (and outrageous) view of what I thought a writer’s life was like – hunched over my typewriter, coffee steaming beside me, I would peck out a best-seller that made J.K. Rowlings look like an amateur. The Pulitzer Prize committee and critics from the New York Times would camp out on my front lawn, begging me to take awards and prizes. I would have to hire a personal accountant just to handle all the book advances publishing companies threw at me. Whenever I stepped outside, fans would scream and clamor for me to acknowledge them, even more zealous than Beatlemania back in the day.

Crazy, right? I don’t even drink coffee! I knew a writer’s life was actually normal, just with deadlines and rough drafts. But I did have that tunnel vision of “I am a fiction writer.” Writing for Inspired Prompt made me realize there is not one way to write and I don’t have to pigeonhole myself. I am not just a writer of young adult fantasies or horror or articles or cookbooks or biographies.

I am a writer. Period. I am honored that Inspired Prompt was my first foray into public writing.

Until we meet again. Flag in skydiving. People in free fall.Teampleat skydiver. Extreme sport.

 Thank you, Jennifer and Betty, for encouraging me and making me feel welcome. I have enjoyed my time with everyone on the site. You have inspired me and taught me. Best wishes, love, and continued success to my fellow web-mates. To all our readers, thank you for the encouragement and for reading! Now it is time for the next step on our individual journeys. Maybe our paths will cross again. I hope so. Happy travels!

One last prompt: What do you mean my luggage isn’t here? Where is it?