Adieu, it’s the only French word I know. As you probably know it means farewell. But to me, it doesn’t sound as final as goodbye or farewell. Many times, closing a chapter gives us a sense of completion. For a time, we did this or that, 7 Most Stunning Sunset Hikes Around Knoxvilleand we did it with excellence, and now it’s done-complete. We are changed by the experience and our lives are enhanced by the people we met. I only personally know a couple of the crew members. The others I’ve met here. Developing our craft began our connection, but over the months, these individuals have become my encouragers and prayer warriors. You see, this isn’t the only farewell I’ve had recently.

Inspired Prompt has been the gathering place for authors to share their successes, suggestions, and sorrows. We have come together as a community committed to one thing-developing our writing craft for God’s glory. And we’ve done that. Each post has shared a piece of our writing journey. From those, our readers have garnered encouragement, wisdom, and skills.

We’ve gotten to know authors who weren’t regular contributors to Inspired Prompt through the 3-Question Wednesdays. Many from outside the “crew” are now our peers in the writing journey.

So, we say adieu for now, but in time and connection, we will meet again. The blog will remain live so feel free to visit and remember those you’ve met here. Many posts have ways to connect, so do it. Reach out to encourage, connect, and continue to learn from one another. We say farewell to this platform, but not good-bye to our found friends made here.

May God bless you and the many steps you take from this moment forward. Please stay in touch.

Let’s Connect