Carlotta’s Legacy

Carlottas Legacy Front CoverHer life is in a downhill plunge. Will marrying an Italian count bring Rebecca the love she’s dreamed of?

Rebecca Lewis is a reluctant bride-to-be. Marrying Riccardo Alverá, a young Italian count, may seem like a dream come true—an instant answer to her family’s dire straits. But it also means she must leave American soil, possibly forever.

Riccardo is relentless in his pursuit of Rebecca. After her father’s death, she and her mother set sail for Italy. Though Rebecca is still plagued by doubt, Riccardo’s warmth and humor soon melt the icy frost encasing her heart. But as Rebecca settles into his Italian villa, her questions and fears return.

His mother, Carlotta Alverá, is dedicated to strict Roman Catholic beliefs. Will she ever accept Rebecca, who has no real faith? After Rebecca’s mother decides to pursue life on her own terms, peace comes to the villa. But not for long.

Trouble finds Rebecca, even in the tranquil heart of Italy. As political unrest shakes the core of Italian society, a dark shadow falls over Riccardo’s beautiful estate. In her deepest despair, Rebecca confronts her past, finds forgiveness, and finally … the love and acceptance she’s always longed for.

May, 2016

A review of the book…

Betty Thomason Owens set “Carlotta’s Legacy” during the turbulent period of the Great Depression. The author did a thorough job of researching fascist Italy, the setting for most of the story, and the Italian Catholic customs that her main character, Rebecca Lewis, finds herself thrust into…I was unfamiliar with the 1930s in Italy and Mussolini’s reign, transpiring at the same time as the devastation of America’s depression and the rise of Hitler. I thoroughly enjoyed the depth of that history the author brought to life through the small details she wove into her everyday story.
“Carlotta’s Legacy” is an engaging book I would again chose to read.