A Fond Farewell

By Fay Lamb

The Inspired Prompt page has been a way to reach out to authors and to writers. I applaud those who brainstormed the idea, started it, invited me to join, and kept it going.

Lately, I have been looking back over my long journey as a writer, and I have at times been highly encouraged and determined. At others, I have been discouraged as I run into walls. Inspired Prompt and the friendships I have made have always been a light in the darkness. I was surprised when I first learned that we would no longer be blogging, but I soon understood, that a page is not what brought us together. Our like minds and our love for God drew us like magnets to one another. When the blog is gone, it does not mean that the Crew will be missing in action. Far from it. We will be cheering from the paths of the different journeys we will take, and those journeys will never be too far from one another. Nor will it take us far from our readers. In fact, in some cases, I am sure that God means for us to draw closer to our friends who made this blog so popular.

In our current world crisis, God actually took me from another project in which I thrived. I had to find a new direction for me. Then I received the word that Inspired Prompt would end, and I was saddened. So many things are changing. Did this have to change, too? As I pondered that question, I realized that God’s answer is “yes.” Change is hard, but pushing back against God’s direction in our lives is so much more difficult.

My prayer for each of the members who wrote for the blog and for those who read it, is that in this time where we are all enduring change, that we all look to God, ask Him where He is working, stand where He is, and do the job that He has for us. I pray that the paths of each of the Crew members and each of our readers will continually cross, because God has been awesome to bring us together. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we are called to encourage one another.

God bless you, our wonderful readers. Thank you, friends—readers and writers alike—for your encouragement. Thank you, Crew, for the opportunities.

A Fond Farewell: Inspired Prompt Crew to Our Writer and Reader Friends

By Jennifer Hallmark

April 27, 2012. I had been journaling, blogging, kind of for six years, and had about a dozen dedicated readers. What was I doing wrong?  I really put the matter to prayer. God whispered to my heart that I needed to use the blog to give back instead of sharing my thoughts and I immediately thought of the #WritingCommunity that had given me so much. I talked to two ladies in my ACFW critique group and Betty Thomason Owens and Christina Rich helped me start a blog by writers for writers. Cool name, huh? 🙂

We didn’t have a clue what we were doing. Well, I didn’t anyway.

But over the last eight years, our blog grew. We changed format, the name, and our website creation tool but one thing remained the same: A blog by writers for writers.

It’s time.

I’ve known for a while but I’d shake the thought off and keep going. My innermost being, everything, is invested in what I do, including this blog. It’s just the way I operate. When the time comes for a shift, I struggle, fight, and search for a way to combat change.

Then, I remember that to move forward, I often have to embrace change. Go with the flow. Climb the next mountain. Follow the light. Let go and let God. (Betty, these clichés are for you.)

It’s time.

The Inspired Prompt has had a wonderful run and much success in numbers, especially in the last two years. The most important thing, though?

You. Each person who is or has been a Crew member. My hat is off to you. You are amazing people and writers who graced our blog with your words. Each week, I read your posts and am blessed. Christina, you helped me so much with the tech stuff in the beginning. Betty, we are BFF’s always. ❤

You. Our readers. Wow. I’ve made so many friends through this site. Readers, writers, reviewers, publishers, editors, agents, to name a few. I’ve enjoyed the interviews, the guest blog posts, and most of all, the comments. You would open up and share a little from your life and it made my day. All the Crew’s day.

I would start to name you but I would miss too many of you wonderful people. I pray each of you is blessed:

  • In the city and in the country.
  • In your body, your family, and everything you call yours.
  • In your work.
  • In your coming and your going.
  • In the presence of your enemies.

And that God will open the treasures of heaven over your life.

Our last post will be on May 29th but we will leave the blog intact for the rest of the year so you can read and enjoy any articles you may have missed. We hope they help on your journey, whether you’re a writer or not.

Thank you again for your kindness. It will never be forgotten.

What’s New With You?

By Fay Lamb

That’s the question we’re answering for our readers. I’m not sure if it is my sense of humor—or lack thereof—but it struck me as a funny question for me to answer at this time. After all, I think that nearly eighty percent of us would provide the same answer: “At home. Trying to keep from boredom in the least and madness at the most.”

As an author, I’d usually say that I have plenty to keep me busy, but at this time, I’m in a holding pattern after feeling the Lord telling me to back away. Then Windows murdered my computer with their updates. The poor thing was healthy and happy one moment and dead the next. In light of the coronavirus, I am thankful that it was the computer and not me.

I do have two books in the works, each at different stages of completion. The first is the second novel in my Mullet Harbor Christmas series. It is yet to be titled, but it shares the romance of my tiptoeing heroine, Abigail Brewster, and the Cajun sheriff she loves, Eli Arneaux. The other book is also the second in a series. This one is my Serenity Key series, and it is entitled, Luke’s Journey. Luke has sailed off to an exotic Caribbean location thinking his ex-wife, Blanchie is pursuing a romance with his best friend. While Luke writes home—he’s a writer and he loves paper correspondence—he creates great changes in his church, in his family, in his own life. God is working while Luke—and I—are placed in that holding pattern I mentioned.

Despite my attempt at humor, about the coronavirus, I am taking it seriously. During this time, the most important “chore” God has given me is to be in His word and to pray, to draw closer to Him, trusting Him for the outcome and asking Him for the faith to meet whatever happens. I’m praying. I know others are praying. God is not turning a deaf ear to us. He is at work even while we are forced to slow down. I believe our Father is calling His beloved to kneel before His throne and sit at His feet, seeking His comfort and His mercy.

May God comfort and bless each of you during this time.

Fay Lamb is an author, an editor, and a teacher. She also loves to teach workshops for fiction writers.
Fay has contracted four series with her publisher, Write Integrity Press. Amazing Grace is a four-novel series, which includes Stalking Willow, Better than Revenge, Everybody’s Broken, and Frozen Notes all set in Western North Carolina.
Her The Ties that Bind romantic series, set in Fay’s own backyard of Central Florida, includes Charisse, Libby, and Hope, and comes to a surprising and satisfying conclusion with Delilah.
This author keeps busy. She also has two other series in the works. Her first novel in the Serenity Key series is the epic, Storms in Serenity. The other series is Mullet Harbor, a series of Christmas romances set in the Florida Everglades. Christmas Under Wraps is now available.
Fay has an adventurous spirit, which has also taken her into the arena of non-fiction with The Art of Characterization: How to Use the Elements of Storytelling to Connect Readers to an Unforgettable Cast.
Fay loves to meet readers, and you can find her on her personal Facebook page, her Facebook Author page, and at The Tactical Editoron Facebook and onGoodreads. She’s also active on Twitter. Fay also invites you to visit her website and sign up for her newsletter.

Storms in Serenity

A hurricane is heading straight for Serenity Key, Florida, but the town is already dealing with another storm brewing on the island, and it has nothing to do with the atmospheric pressure.

David New has a secret he’s guarded for thirty years, and it has caused a spiritual storm fiercer than a cyclone, pulling the lid off of David’s tightly contained indiscretions. When the daughter he has never met is reported missing, apparently the victim of a hideous crime, and the lives of others he loves begin to unravel, David learns that the sins he thought so personal aren’t so private after all. The consequences are wreaking havoc in ways he never dreamed possible.

As the physical and spiritual tempests collide over Serenity, God is the only one who can calm the storm, but David it isn’t sure he can survive until God decides to intervene.

What’s New With You?

By Jennifer Hallmark

This month, The Inspired Prompt Crew is sharing where we are in life. And I’ll let you know below where I am. But I’m also interested in what’s new with you, our reader. I know that many of you are writers also and I’d love to know (in the comment section) where you are on this wonderful, wacky writing journey.

I have several works in progress. My agent is actively shopping the sequel to Jessie’s Hope, tentatively titled, Angeline’s Dream. I have entered my fantasy book, Journey of Grace: Realm of Ecclesia, in a contest. But it still needs work…

I’m about 28,000 words into a stand-alone Southern fiction novel which takes place in 1978. So it’s a historical of sorts. I’m still blogging, marketing Jessie’s Hope, and have signed up for classes to further my writing education. Also hoping to go to a writer’s retreat in October. 🙂

Enough about me. Please let me know how you’re doing below. I’d love to hear from you all…

Jennifer Hallmark writes Southern fiction and her website, Alabama-Inspired Fiction, and the group blog, Inspired Prompt, she co-founded, focus on her books, love of the South, and helping writers. She’s published 200+ internet articles/interviews and short stories in several magazines.

Jessie’s Hope, her first novel published by Firefly Southern Fiction, is a Selah Award nominee for First Novel. She is represented by Cyle Young of the Hartline Literary Agency. Jennifer sends out a monthly newsletter, which you can subscribe to here. You can visit her on FacebookFacebook author page, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Jessie’s Hope

Can a sliver of hope lead to everlasting love?

Years ago, an accident robbed Jessie Smith’s mobility. It also stole her mother and alienated her from her father. When Jessie’s high school sweetheart Matt Jansen proposes, her parents’ absence intensifies her worry that she cannot hold on to those she loves.

With a wedding fast approaching, Jessie’s grandfather Homer has a goal to find the perfect dress for “his Jessie,” one that would allow her to forget, even if for a moment, the boundaries of her wheelchair. But financial setbacks and unexpected sabotage hinder his plans.

Determined to heal from her past, Jessie initiates a search for her father. Can a sliver of hope lead to everlasting love when additional obstacles—including a spurned woman and unpredictable weather—highjack Jessie’s dream wedding?

Adventures in Fatherhood by Carlton Hughes and Holland Webb

I’m happy to announce that our own Crew Member, Carlton Hughes, has co-authored a great book. Here are the details:

Adventures in Fatherhood

Adventure along with two dads in a devotional journey full of wisdom and warning.

Being a great father is not for the weak of heart! It’s an adventure every step of the way. Whether you’re fixing boo-boos and changing diapers, or coaching soccer and carpooling teenagers, you’ll find spiritual insight and practical advice in this devotional by Carlton Hughes and Holland Webb. The authors blend personal experiences with humor and spiritual application to encourage you, dad, to do your best for God and for your family.

Ellie Claire’s devotionals offer short inspirational readings, paired with inspiring quotes and Scripture verses to encourage your heart.
  • Devotions written specifically for dads
  • Rugged, durable package
  • Perfect size for coat pocket or briefcase
  • Presentation page for personalization
  • Ribbon marker
  • A great gift for Father’s Day, dad’s birthday, or Christmas

Buy Link

Click to tweet: Adventures in Fatherhood. Short inspirational readings, paired with inspiring quotes and Scripture verses to encourage your heart. #fatherhood #faith

Carlton Hughes, represented by Cyle Young of Hartline Literary, wears many hats. By day, he is a professor of communication. On Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, he serves as a children’s pastor. In his “spare time,” he is a freelance writer. Carlton is an empty-nesting dad and devoted husband who likes long walks on the beach, old sitcoms, and chocolate–all the chocolate. His work has been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dating Game, The Wonders of Nature, Let the Earth Rejoice, Just Breathe, So God Made a Dog, and Everyday Grace for Men. His latest book is Adventures in Fatherhood, co-authored with Holland Webb and released by the Elle Claire imprint of Worthy/Hachette Publishing.