The Confession of Tobias Tucker by Sherri Stone

Sherri's pictureGood morning, readers. Today, we’re excited to welcome Sherri Stone, author of The Confession of Tobias Tucker.

Hello, Sherri. Here’s your first question.

Do you have any interesting writing rituals?

Well you can chalk this up to just the tiniest little bit of OCD, but I have a hard time writing if my work area is messy, so I will usually straighten and organize just on and around my desk before I can focus on writing. It’s a double-edged sword, though. While it keeps my office organized and neat, it can also become an excuse for not writing. A more fun thing for me is that I keep a small drawer in my desk filled with Dove dark chocolate with almonds. Chocolate is this writer’s best friend and motivator. Write 500 words, eat a piece of chocolate.

I like this plan! Now, where did I put that chocolate?  🙂 Now…

What is the book about?

This book is Grace’s story. Before she was born, her father broke with his family over something terrible. It was so bad that he never spoke of it, even to her mother. Now her parents are gone and her grandfather (whom she has never met) asks her to visit him and help him make this terrible secret right again. The secret is much worse than she ever imagined and murder and kidnapping await her. Of course, the Sheriff becomes an unwilling ally, and they have more in common than they know. She goes from being a suspect in a double murder to a loose end that someone is trying hard to tie up.

Wow. Sounds like a stay-up-all-night story. So tell us…

What is your favorite part of the book?

There are a couple of places in the book that I really love, one of which is when Grace encounters an intruder in her home. She’s a tough chick and I love that about her.

Gotta love a strong female protagonist. No wimps here. 🙂

Is there a message in your book you hope readers will grasp?

Not everyone is born into an Ozzie and Harriet kind of family. As my husband says, some of us are more Ozzie and Sharon. Grace struggles with the terrible past of her family and wonders how she can possibly ever make up for it and make amends. Through the story she begins to learn that while she is not responsible for her family’s legacy, she does have a chance to change that legacy and begin a new one for her generation and those to follow. I would like for readers to get a sense of that in their own lives, that whatever has gone before, God is the God of healing, restoration, and making all things new. Sometimes we need to be set free from our past, and I’d like for readers to know that the very act of being set free is a testimony to what God can do – no matter how bad we think our past is.

That is a much-needed message in today’s world, Sherri.

Where can readers find you on line?

My website/blog is I’m also on Facebook at

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The Confession of Tobias Tucker

Tobias cover

Grace Tucker’s father took a dark secret to his grave. Now the grandfather she’s never met reaches out to her for help. He’ll tell her the secret – if she promises to help him make things right. It’s a temptation she can’t refuse, but before the sun sets on her first day there, heart-stopping revelations and murder turn her visit into a nightmare. Everyone, including the Sheriff, thinks she’s after her grandfather’s money. Worse, she doesn’t know the secret, but someone out there isn’t taking any chances. They’re determined to bury the secret once and for all, and Grace along with it. With her life and sanity on the line, the wise, old saying comes back to haunt her with a twist: be careful what you wish for, it just might get you.


Sherri's pictureSherri has been a social worker for twenty-five years in the fields of mental health, hospice, and now home health. She and her husband, Jeff, are working on their house, a never-ending project, and busy being the keepers of a very naughty terrier named Riley.  They live in the panhandle of Florida which is not nearly as warm as it should be at the moment. Looking forward to spring!!


Missing Us by Traci Wooden-Carlisle

I’m so happy to welcome back author, Traci Wooden-Carlisle, to our blog. Traci teaches fitness classes, runs a jewelry and craft business, and is currently writing the third book in her Christian-fiction romance series. So what else is she up to these days? Promoting her new novel, Missing Us, which releases on December 7th…

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

Traci:   I have been writing since I was 8 years old. It was soon after I was misdiagnosed with a reading disorder. I like to think of it as a setup from God. I was sent to an after-school reading program for two years. When I was tested at the end of those years I was in the third grade, reading at the ninth-grade level. Unfortunately, I was still having a hard time in class. After one in-depth teacher’s conference my parents realized the problem was with my eyes. One pair of glasses later, I was reading everything I could get my hands on.  When I ran out of books between trips to the library I would make up my own stories.

What genre are your books? What draws you to this genre?

Traci: I write mostly Christian fiction romance. Some are contemporary, and some are suspense. I am a hopeful romantic. I enjoy a humorous or explosive ‘meet cute’, a middle full of angst, and a fought for happy ending. I love a happy ending. Though it may take a moment to get there in my series the most important point is that my characters do get there.

Do you work to an outline or prefer to see where an idea takes you?

Traci:  I usually see where an idea takes me. I love the anticipation and I can’t keep a secret when I’m writing. I want to tell it right away, which makes suspense impossible.

What is the hardest thing about writing?

Traci: I used to think it was meeting time deadlines, though that is challenging, the hardest thing for me is not going over the maximum word limits placed on me when I work with other authors. I think the more I write, the better I will be at meeting certain limits while presenting readers with a great story.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Traci: I will still write books, but I believe I will also empower women to regain confidence and control of their lives after dealing with abuse. I’ve addressed certain forms of abuse in my books, which has allowed me to have in-depth discussions at some of my readings and signings. It has evolved from a writing ministry to one of writing and interaction.

Wow. That sounds like something much needed in our world today. Thanks for dropping by, Traci!

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Missing Us (A Chandler County Novel)

Dr. Atherton Nathan, Terry, never imagined that the pact he made four decades ago would cost him what he treasured most – his family. Though he survived the slow disintegration of his marriage, he held fast to the hope that he could win back the only woman he ever loved.

His youngest daughter now has a life and love he has always wanted for her and their relationship has healed enough for her to allow him to give her away during her wedding.  He hopes the weeks he will spend in Chandler County to ensure her transition from her life and career in Chicago to Chandlerville before the nuptials will be enough to convince his wife…ex-wife of his love for her and hers for him.

Reina Fellows Nathan can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Her youngest daughter’s life is out of danger and Shauna is carving out her own path towards happiness. All Reina has to do is get through the weeks it will take to help her daughter plan her wedding and avoid her ex-husband. He nearly destroyed her once and despite some of the changes he’s recently made she dare not trust her heart to him.

Each day brings new challenges that work against her resolve to remain unaffected by her ex- husband’s attempts to court her again, but secrets, lies and a long-held pact that comes to light may make it impossible for a true reconciliation.

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Traci Wooden-Carlisle began writing poetry and short stories as soon as she was able to form words on paper. She used that as a way to creating worlds, as well as, to communicate with God.  Mrs. Wooden-Carlisle lives in San Diego with her husband. She teaches fitness classes, runs a jewelry and craft business, and is currently writing the third book in her Christian-fiction romance series.

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The Wisdom Tree by Lisa Worthey Smith

I’m so happy to welcome one of my Alabama friends, Lisa Worthey Smith, to our blog. Lisa finds truths in everyday events and nature itself and uses those truths to show a patternplan, and purpose intentionally designed by the loving hand of The Creator.

Hello, Lisa! Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

Lisa:  I’m a simple Southern girl, who would rather be outside than inside any day of the week! I relished my time as a full-time mom then transitioned into the corporate workplace for a number of years, then taught high school students at a small Christian school.

Then when my health would no longer allow me to work at all, God sent a hummingbird to teach me about suffering. Yep, a real hummingbird who I named Oscar. The story was so unique people often asked me to write it down, so I did. Oscar the Extraordinary Hummingbird was published in 2015.

God used that story to guide me into this phase where I minister by writing and speaking occasionally. After a recent speaking engagement, several kind people requested I publish that story, and The Wisdom Tree was put into book form October 2017.

What genre are your books? What draws you to this genre?

Lisa: I intended to write non-fiction, Christian inspirational (like Oscar). “I just don’t have the creativity to write fiction.” Then God gave me the fictional story of The Wisdom Tree. (Hint- Don’t tell God what you can’t do. God has a sense of humor and might just change your course!)

Both have Bible studies included which is where my heart lies. My mission is to draw people to the Word, to point them to the hand of God all around us and create an eagerness to learn more about Him.

Do you work to an outline or prefer to see where an idea takes you?

Lisa:  Some of both. My short stories tell themselves, then I go back and block in chapters and outlines. If I ever write a novel length piece, I’m sure it will start with an outline.

What is the hardest thing about writing?

Lisa:  Finding a way to say “the end.” I know readers want a satisfying conclusion, but I enjoy the stories so much that it is hard to stop! I tell myself if I don’t finish, I won’t be able to share – so I make myself cross the finish line in order to be able to share them with you!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Lisa:  Tippy tapping on the keyboard for His kingdom as long as He desires, and there is life within me!

Thanks, Lisa, for dropping by! Sounds like a good book…

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 The Wisdom Tree

An ordinary tree, in an extraordinary place, in an extraordinary time, being prepared for an extraordinary event. If you listen closely to the trees in the Garden of Gethsemane, you might hear this story of a little olive tree named Sprout, and how he came to be known as The Wisdom Tree.

Often compared to the writing style of Max Lucado, this parable includes a Study Guide with the most basic and important questions in Christianity and provides the biblical answers for each.

Simple enough for middle readers, and yet adults who are acquainted with the New Testament love to hear the familiar story told from a unique perspective.

Suitable for book clubs, Bible study groups, homeschool, and personal growth.

 A long-time Bible student with a passion to help people grasp the depths of God’s love, Lisa Worthey Smith has been called “the parable teacher”. Using stories of everyday life and Creation, she weaves gentle stories of inspiration, hope, and love with the common theme of seeing the hand of God at work.

She and her husband live in northern Alabama where she spends time in her yard which includes a hummingbird garden and of course, an olive tree.

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Louie to the Rescue-The Big Dig by Maria I. Morgan

I’m so happy to welcome my friend, author Maria I. Morgan, to our blog. She writes children’s stories and has a new one almost ready to release.  Let’s learn more about Louie to the Rescue-The Big Dig

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

Maria:  My love for writing began with reading. My Mom read to my brother and me when we were young. Favorite books included anything by Dr. Seuss: Green Eggs and HamFox in SoxSneetches on Beaches; as well as Aesop’s Fables.

In junior high I collected as many volumes from the Nancy Drew series as I could. Instead of just words on a page, each book took me on a journey – painting pictures of far-away places and introducing me to fascinating characters. I couldn’t get enough. I was hooked.

With a degree in Health Fitness/Wellness, it wasn’t until years later that I got serious about writing. As strange as it sounds, it took an accident to get me back to the keyboard (you can read about it here).

To date, I’ve had two children’s books in the Louie the Lawnmower series published (Louie’s BIG day!, and Louie & the Leaf Pile), as well as a 10-week Bible study for women, Outrageously Fruitful. And I’m super excited to announce the third book in my children’s series will release in December. A brand new yard tool will be introduced, setting the stage for an exciting adventure! “Louie to the Rescue – The Big Dig” will be available on Amazon.

What genre are your books? What draws you to this genre?

Maria: I enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction. My Bible study, Outrageously Fruitful, and the devotionals I write for my blog are non-fiction and are geared toward women. Themes typically include: understanding God’s character, understanding God’s truth, understanding God’s plan, and writing tips & encouragement.

It’s fantastic to share the truths of God’s Word and have ladies respond to its relevance and timelessness – it’s powerful!

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12, KJV

Fictional writing unleashes the kid in me. I love writing stories that teach valuable life lessons. The Louie the Lawnmower series emphasizes character qualities (i.e. selflessness, kindness) through attention-grabbing storylines.

Do you work to an outline or prefer to see where an idea takes you?

Maria:  Good question! Typically, for non-fictional writing I have a general idea outlined in my mind, but it can shift as I write the piece. If I’m writing a devotional, I may have a topic and several verses I want to include, but the life example may change as the theme evolves.

Children’s books allow me to be more creative. There are endless adventures I can dream up to highlight specific character qualities.

What is the hardest thing about writing?

Maria:  Honestly, for me, it’s finding the right balance between writing and marketing. I’m not very good at working on several projects at once. So if I’m releasing a book – my focus is on all things marketing. When I’m writing a book, I’m not concentrating as much on social media.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Maria: I asked my husband this same question on our first date – many, many years ago! As an author, I’d like to have several more books published, and see Louie the Lawnmower become a video series similar to Veggie Tales. That’s a BIG dream!

Encouraging women in the Word is my on-going dream as well. I want to continue teaching Bible studies and pointing ladies to fulfillment in Christ.

Thanks SO much for letting me be a part of your Saturday interview!

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Thanks for being our guest, Maria. Now for a closer look at her new book…

*The 3rd book in the Louie the Lawnmower series, “Louie to the Rescue – The Big Dig,” will be releasing on Amazon soon!

Louie and the gang are fired up about the neighborhood yard competition. But when a sarcastic shovel arrives on the scene, hurtful words cause big problems. Will the newcomer succeed in intimidating Louie and his friends? Or will her plan backfire? Join Louie and the others and discover whose words win.

Enter to win: leave a comment below listing a character quality you’d like to see featured in a future Louie book, along with your email address, and you’ll be entered in a random drawing to receive a copy of “Louie to the Rescue – The Big Dig.” (Open to U.S. residents only. Contest will run through Saturday, November 4th. Winner will be contacted via email.)

Other books in the Louie the Lawnmower series:

Louie’s BIG day!

Louie & the Leaf Pile

Maria I. Morgan

Maria I. Morgan is an inspirational writer and speaker. She is the award-winning author of Louie’s BIG day! Regardless of the age of her audience, her goal is the same: to share God’s truths and make an eternal difference.

Contact Maria





Still Waters by Lindsey Brackett

I’m so happy to welcome Southern fiction author, Lindsey Brackett, to our blog. Lindsey is a general editor with Firefly Southern Fiction, an imprint of LPC Books. In addition, she writes a popular column for several North Georgia newspapers.  So what’s she up to these days? Promoting her debut novel, Still Waters

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

Lindsey:  I’m a former middle school teacher who always wanted to be a writer. When I started blogging in 2010, finally letting others read my words, the response was so encouraging, I left teaching to stay home and raise babies in 2011. This book had been in the back of my mind for a decade, little bits written here and there, but no doubt it wouldn’t be the book it is now if I hadn’t taken such a roundabout way to writing. I’ve been a MOPS coordinator, I direct and act in plays at the community theater (that’s my college background—theater), and I often volunteer at the local schools to talk about writing.. and wrangle the theater kids because I do love that stage.

What genre are your books? What draws you to this genre?

Lindsey: I keep myself as open as possible by calling it southern fiction—though Still Waters has hit many labels: women’s fiction, romance, even a little literary. Literary fiction is usually my genre of choice because I love language. I’m always much more concerned with the way the words fit together than what is actually happening in the story. Sometimes I think I should be a poet. But if a story is well-told with strong characters, an engaging plot, and beautiful language, I’m sold. I love southern fiction because it’s my background and I’m constantly trying to examine and understand both the South as I knew it twenty years ago, as my parents knew it fifty years ago, with the “New South” we are now. There are lovely, encouraging aspects about this region and its people—as well as the hardships and realities we like to ignore.

Do you work to an outline or prefer to see where an idea takes you?

Lindsey:  Total pantser. I always just start writing with a loose plot outline in my head—as in, I know where this is going, I’m just not sure how we’re going to get there. Usually I can plot about a scene or two ahead. But the truth is, I write like I play chess. I know a few moves, but I don’t have a great overlying strategy formed. I have to get words on the page before I can go back and work on the big picture.

What is the hardest thing about writing?

Lindsey: Realizing scenes I love and worked so hard on will have to go. Recognizing that the plot line I thought was good is weak and needs more tension. Discovering that my characters need more depth than I’m allowing them to have, which means I need to change their circumstances. So, in short, revising, revising, revising. The perfectionist tendencies don’t help.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Lindsey: I’d love to be multi-published and reasonably well-known across the Christian and general fiction markets. But mostly, five years from now, I’d like to see myself not stressed about staring down two kids headed to college because I wrote some books and those books did well and I’m helping support my family with a job I love. Also (this is the ideal) I’d like to have a personal assistant and a housekeeper. Big dreams. #goals 🙂

I need to add assistant and housekeeper to my dreams also. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by, Lindsey!

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Still Waters

Cora Anne Halloway has a history degree and a plan—avoid her own past despite being waitlisted for graduate school. Then her beloved grandmother requests—and her dispassionate mother insists—she spend the summer at Still Waters, the family cottage on Edisto Beach.

Despite its picturesque setting, Still Waters haunts her with loss. Here her grandfather died, her parents’ marriage disintegrated, and as a child, she caused a tragic drowning. But lingering among the oak canopies and gentle tides, this place also tempts her with forgiveness—especially since Nan hired Tennessee Watson to oversee cottage repairs. A local contractor, but dedicated to the Island’s preservation from development, Tennessee offers her friendship and more, if she can move beyond her guilt over his father’s death.

When the family reunion brings to light Nan’s failing health, Cora Anne discovers how far Tennessee will go to protect her—and Edisto—from more desolation. Now she must choose between a life driven by guilt, or one washed clean by the tides of grace.

 Award-winning writer Lindsey P. Brackett once taught middle grades literature, but now she writes her own works in the midst of motherhood. A blogger since 2010, she has published articles and short stories in a variety of print and online publications including Thriving Family, Country Extra, HomeLife, Northeast Georgia Living, Splickety Magazine, Spark Magazine, and Southern Writers Magazine.

In both 2015 and 2017, she placed in the top ten for Southern Writers Magazine Best Short Fiction. Previously, Lindsey served as Editor of Web Content for the Splickety Publishing Group, and currently she is a general editor with Firefly Southern Fiction, an imprint of LPC Books. In addition, she writes a popular column for several North Georgia newspapers.

Still Waters, influenced by her family ties to the South Carolina Lowcountry, is her debut novel. A story about the power of family and forgiveness, it’s been called “a brilliant debut” with “exquisite writing.” A Georgia native, Lindsey makes her home—full of wet towels, lost library books, and strong coffee—at the foothills of Appalachia with her patient husband and their four rowdy children.

Connect with her at, where she Just Writes Life, on Facebook as Lindsey P. Brackett, on Instagram @lindseypbrackett, or on Twitter @lindsbrac.