5 Questions Wednesday with Jean Petersen

jeanpetersen new head shotGood morning! Today is a special 5 Question Wednesday interview. Hey, everyone needs a little change now and then. 🙂 And it is our pleasure to welcome freelance writer and weekly columnist Jean Petersen  to the Inspired Prompt.

Good morning, Jean.

Do you have any interesting writing rituals?

JeanMy only writing ritual is I need quiet, or at a coffee shop, which doesn’t make much sense since those are two polar opposites. I can be creative in my quiet work space at home or other venues-no tv, music, kid distractions, animals crooning, or even laundry thumping the dryer, but there’s something that inspires me at a coffee shop-maybe it’s the aroma, the unknown people and the unknown stories I create as I observe their interactions or routines, special treats and uniqueness of the different orders, relationships and conversations.

I agree, there is something special about coffee shops 🙂

What is the book about?

Jean:   Kind Soup has several layers to it. It’s about an enthusiastic girl who has an opportunity to join with her mom in something she loves, cooking. This time they’re making an unusual recipe called Kind Soup, made with Fruit-Fruits of the Spirit, that is. Each of the soup’s ingredients represents one of the virtues of the Galatians 5:22-23. When the recipe is complete, the little girl and her mom share it with community members, as her mom said, “A friend shared with me”. The element of the ‘friend’ is Jesus, and this is the base of the virtues and the makings the soup. As the little girl serves, visits and shares eagerly about her new soup made with fruit, she comes home with the ‘ah-ha’ moment of the depth in how good it felt to have tangible responses and outcomes from those she shared with. She finds living and demonstrating the Fruits of the Spirit within her is a mighty important gift she’s been given.

Sounds like a fun way to present the Fruit of the Spirit to kids.    Next question…

What is your favorite part of the book?

JeanWhen Kate and her mom visit and serve community members, and she comes back and says, “You know what my favorite part of making Kind Soup is?” “The way it made me feel inside when we gave it away.” The little girls realized and feels the deeper gratification of what she’s done and why she feels this way. It is the love within her spirit that’s being additionally confirmed and recognized as she shared what she made. It full-fills each of the Fruits of the Spirit’s virtues in that instance.fruits-1388848_1280

What a great maturing of love moment.  And…

Is there a message in your book you hope readers will grasp?

Jean:   My hope is for the reader (big or little) to go out and serve with a glad heart and spirit, that they would practice on and reflect in the virtues shared in Galatians 5:22-23, and spend time together, be it cooking, reading, serving, discussing, sharing stories or anything that creates virtuous moments. I encourage the reader that their ‘together’ doesn’t always necessarily need to be those you comfortably know, like your family and friends. I encourage the reader to meet new people (safely-children should always be accompanied by adult known to them), make the soup at a community center-invite anyone, read to school classes or local libraries-get out of your immediate comfort zone because these ‘uncomfortable-or out of your normal comfort zone and leap of faith opportunities’ are often the moments God offers the biggest blessings, growing experiences and relationships. The trickle effect has the ‘God opportunity’ to begin as a ripple in a puddle and become the mighty waves of the sea, you just never know how, who or when He’s going to bless another through the Fruits in Your Spirit.

What a great way example for others to put in practice.  One last question…

Where can readers find you online?

JeanI’m on Facebook, Intstagram,  Twitter,  and Jeanpetersen.com

Thanks so much, Jean, for dropping by!

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Kind Soup

Kind Soup wo grad from Little Lamb for release

Kate and her mom are in the kitchen and their making something delicious-a special soup wrapped in prayer and ladled out with love, composed of the Fruits of the Spirit, Kind Soup is as much a joy to make as it is to share.
Pre-orders begin in November with Little Lamb Books.


jeanpetersen new head shot

Jean Petersen is excited about her January release of her children’s picture book, Kind Soup with Little Lamb Books.

She recently released The Big Sky Bounty Cookbook-Local Ingredients and Rustic Recipes with Arcadia Publishing and The History Press as a part of their American Palate series with Chef Barrie Boulds this summer, and her first non-fiction children’s picture book, Moose Shoes, was released in 2007.

Jean is Colorado State University-Journalism alumni, and has been a freelance writer and weekly columnist for 12 years with Western Ag Reporter covering a host of topics. Her weekly children’s column is called Life on the Ranch with Banjo celebrated 10 years this past spring, and some of her feature articles can be found published in Distinctly Montana magazine and Raised in the West Magazine.

Jean lives near the Beartooth Mountains in scenic southern Montana on her small farm with her husband, four children, and a host of animals knocking at her door, all of whom give her lots of fuel for all her writing.

 Facebook, Intstagram,  Twitter,  Jeanpetersen.com

October Winners

Cold weather has arrived and Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Are you ready? Me either.  But it’s going to be okay because during the month of October, we had 6 more winners…

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Mary DeMuth is gifting a copy of her book, The Seven Deadly Friendships to Laurel Blount. Woo hoo!

Melanie Dickerson is giving a digital copy of Magnolia Summer to lelandandbecky.

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3 Questions Wednesday with Anne Baxter Campbell

85068212F032Welcome to another edition of 3 Questions Wednesday, and welcome Anne Baxter Campbell. Anne is a writer with a deep love of God, family, and friends. She also has an overwhelming fascination with the Bible and biblical history.  Lets get started!

First question:

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Anne: Oh my. You are asking a novelist to write anything in just three words??? Okay. Lessee, um, Little Ol’ Lady? Full-blown Christian? Author, Speaker, grandma?

Sounds like you are blessed to wear many hats. Here’s a fun question—

Someone offers you a fully-paid writing research trip to any place you desire to go. Where would it be and why?

Anne: That’s easy–the Mediterranean, because a lot of my novels are set there. Mostly Israel, but wherever the Apostles traveled.

What a great trip that would be to see the places you’ve written about. Last question—

If someone made a movie of your life, what would be the theme song?

Anne:   Send in the Clowns. If there is a way to get lost, a time to be fooled, or a wrong action to take, I’ve probably been there, done that, and wore out the T-shirt. However, maybe we aught to add the song, Forgiven, because despite my worst failures, God has given me grace, lifted me up, and set me on His path. Maybe we could begin Send in the Clowns somewhere toward the middle and Forgiven at the end. Hm. So, we can’t be without a song at the beginning of the movie. Maybe Ca Sera Sera.

I would love to watch this movie.  Thanks, Anne, for visiting us at 3 Questions Wednesday, and allowing our readers to know you better.

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Blesssed by TimeBlessedbytimeFront

This story is about the faith of a child, a missing mother, and a person-of-interest father. Sarah is a woman deep in despair over the death of her only child, a three-year-old girl who had an inoperable brain tumor. Her husband, Paul, is a good-looking man who is thinking about divorcing so he can return the attentions of a pretty professor. At least he was, until she disappeared. Now the police think he’s responsible for his wife’s disappearance.


Anne Baxter Campbell is a multi-published author (but some of the books were pulled by previous publisher), a stumbling Christian, and a mom and grandma who is sometimes as dense as an Amazon jungle–but she’s blessed with a loving and pride-inspiring family and loyal friends.

 Amazon      Blog: A Pew Perspective 

3 Questions Wednesday with Maria Bostian

Maria Bostian Full Resolution13Good morning! It is my pleasure to welcome author Maria Bostian to the Inspired Prompt.  Maria is a 15+ year veteran of the fire service and a Fire and Life Safety Educator with a passion for all things safety related.  This passion has helped her write two fire safety picture books with the hopes of many more books to come.

Good morning, Maria.

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Maria:  Friendly, Outgoing, and Loyal

Wonderful characteristics 🙂

Someone offers you a fully-paid writing research trip to any place you desire to go. Where would it be and why?

Maria: Back to Puerto Rico because I visited there right before Hurricane Maria and was amazed at how friendly and full-of-life the people were.

I’d love to revisit and find inspiration for a few “gems” (story ideas) and just start writing. I can see it now: I’m sitting in a comfy lounge chair on a quiet beach (with sunscreen, sunglasses, and floppy hat for sun protection), under a palm tree that is stretched out trying to touch the surface of the water and the [good] ideas are flowing like melting ice cream in the afternoon heat!

Sounds wonderful! Next…

If someone made a movie of your life, what would be the theme song? 

MariaOh, it’s too hard to pick just one. “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” by Randy Newman, or my older sister’s would say, “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?” by Richard Rodgers.

How funny! And love the song choices 🙂 Now just one more…

Tell us a little about the work you do with fire safety and how our children can be safer when they trick or treat.

MariaI have the very best job in the fire service (or so I think). I work for a municipal fire department as their Fire & Life Safety Educator teaching injury prevention to preschool and elementary students, conducting safety programs for adults, and assisting with safety device installations such as working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.


Brady’s just batty over the new chapter book series. 

I’m in the process of writing my 3rd injury prevention-related chapter book which contains Halloween safety information (Folks, be on the lookout for the Fraidy Brady series with Ambassador International.) but, I’ll be glad to share my three most important Halloween safety tips with your audience.


  1. Children, Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever go Trick-or-Treating alone. Go with family members or a small group of friends and ALWAYS make sure that an adult is near-by. You just don’t ever know what can happen and it’s best to have the adult close-by if needed.
  2. Wear a costume that is made of flame-retardant materials and avoid contact with candles or other open flames. [If you are decorating for Halloween, use battery operated candles instead of open flame. This will keep you and your Trick-or-Treaters safer.]
  3. If you are going to be out at dusk or after dark, make sure that you are highly visible (carry a flashlight, have reflective material on your costume or shoes, walk in well-lit areas, etc.) and ONLY cross the street at crosswalks or other designated areas.

Thanks for sharing these tips, and for letting us interview you today.


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Readers, Maria will give away a signed copy of  both of her books, and also a pig hand puppet. Just send us a picture of your cat or dog dressed for Halloweewith a clever caption to be entered into a drawing.


FFBDFirefighters’ Busy Day

Firefighters are busy! They have many tasks to do each day including washing, waxing, shining the truck, cleaning the gear, getting rid of the muck. In Firefighters Busy Day!, children can see the jobs firefighters do before, during, and after a fire call. Through the use of movement written into the text, they can even help firefighters get their jobs done.
Young children can pretend to be busy firefighters, too, by trying some of the exciting fire safety activities included such as a fire truck parade or a firefighter-themed meal. These activities are sure to turn everyday learning into firefighter fun. Grab your gear, jump on the truck, and ride along with firefighters helping in the community

Maria Bostian Full Resolution13

Maria Bostian is a 15+ year veteran of the fire service and a Fire and Life Safety Educator with a passion for all things safety related! This passion has helped her write two fire safety picture books with the hopes of many more books to come.

Maria’s debut picture book, What Should Daisy Do?, was released with Ambassador International in 2014 and her second book, Firefighters’ Busy Day, followed in 2016.

Earlier this year, Bostian began a series of injury prevention-related early chapter books with her beloved kitten, Fraidy Brady. The series will be published by Ambassador International and will begin in 2019.

When Maria has a little free time and she isn’t teaching others how to be safe, she can be found writing under a pecan tree, walking with the world’s sweetest mutts, or cruising around town in search of the next great picture book idea.

What do you like to do in your free time? Catch up with Bostian on social and let her know. She may incorporate it into an upcoming story!

Want ideas for safety lessons, crafts, school projects, and holidays? Then you’ll want to follow her safety-related Pinterest.

Blog     Facebook    Twitter.

3 Questions Wednesday with Melanie Dickerson

Happy Wednesday! Today the Inspired Prompt welcomes my friend, The New York Times bestselling author, Melanie Dickerson. We’re so happy you could join us. First question:

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Melanie: Loving, romantic, hopeful. 🙂

The three perfect ingredients for a romance writer. 

Someone offers you a fully-paid writing research trip to any place you desire to go. Where would it be and why?

Melanie:  I’d go to Germany and visit all the castles I could. It’s the country I’ve been setting most of my Medieval fairy tale retellings, and I absolutely adore castles. And Germany has a lot of them! If a person can be in love with a building, I’m in love with several German castles.

I love them too. I have a castle Pinterest board. Now about travel…

If someone made a movie of your life, what would be the theme song?

Melanie:  This is a dangerous question at this point in my life! Hard to explain. At this particular moment it might be “Haters Gonna Hate” by Taylor Swift. Or “I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash. Or one of my faves, “I Am No Victim” by Kristene Dimarco.

Great choices. And I love  the Kristene Dimarco’s song. Thanks so much for dropping by!

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Melanie would love to give away a digital copy of Magnolia Summer. Please leave a comment to be entered.

  Magnolia Summer

Truett Beverly returned to Bethel Springs, Alabama, after finishing medical school. Fighting a secret war with a corrupt lawman wasn’t in his plans, but when Sheriff Suggs threatens his childhood friend, Truett dons a cape and hood and becomes the Hooded Horseman, placing him squarely in the sheriff’s crosshairs. 

Celia Wilcox arrives in Bethel Springs in June of 1880. She’s come from Nashville to help her sister care for their younger siblings. She hopes only to be on the small farm for the summer, just until her mother recovers from the shock of Celia’s father’s death. She must return to Nashville in order to fulfill her dream of opening her own dress shop. 

Celia catches Truett’s eye from the moment she steps off the train. He finds himself wanting to impress her, but she flatly refuses to flirt with him or to fall for his—if he does say so himself—considerable charm. Truth is, Celia’s attraction to Dr. Truett Beverly terrifies her. What will happen when Sheriff Suggs discovers Truett is the Hooded Horseman? Will Celia’s greatest fears come true? Or will she be able to prevent the sheriff from carrying out one last lynching?

Melanie Dickerson is The New York Times bestselling author who combines her love for all things Medieval with her love of romance and fairy tales. She also loves Regency Romance and has drawn on her Southern heritage to write a romance set in the late 1800s called Magnolia Summer.

Her books have won the Christy Award, two Maggie Awards, The National Reader’s Choice Award, and the Carol Award in Young Adult fiction. She earned her bachelor’s degree from The University of Alabama and has taught children and adults in America, Germany, and Ukraine. Now she spends her time writing stories of love and adventure near Huntsville, Alabama. Sign up for her newsletter at http://www.MelanieDickerson.com.