How to be Organized While Working from Home

By Betty Boyd


My writing journey began over thirty years ago when I did technical writing of various government documents. However, my real journey commenced when I retired and opened my professional writing business.

Having your own business causes you to become organized very quickly. You have to handle all the aspects of building the business, calling clients, attending meetings, and networking functions. Since I am a widow, I must also do all the relevant aspects of keeping up a household.

Writing helps me in focus and prioritize my work load, home life, and other pressures. The creative process keeps me grounded and I’m able to understand better how to meet my clients’ demands.

Life itself is a challenge, and writing gives me an outlet that I never dreamed possible. One great test of my commitment to this part of my life is the ability to carve out time to do it. Working from home has many distractions, so I’ve tried to learn discipline so I am able to press on and get the work done. Better organization has enabled me to slow down and think about what I write.

I’ve learned the Holy Spirit is the author and the authority over my words and has helped me to follow through. Organization in writing and other areas requires setting realistic goals. I re-evaluate as often as needed to make sure I’m following the will of God in what He wants me to write.

Since I write during different times of the day, one way I stay on task is to set a time limit. For example, I write for an hour, and then stop. I go do something else that requires my attention without neglecting my writing.

Finally, I want to make sure I am serving God and others in the best manner.

Three-word prompt: Organizing is what…




Doggy Love at First Sight

By Betty Boyd


She was so fragile and small among the other litter of eight Chihuahua’s, an air of uniqueness that attracted my friend to this standout puppy. She was ailing, and needed of a lot of help and love, so Janet came to her rescue.  She named this adorable pup Ginger.

Ginger had to go through three operations. At least one of them made her very weak, and she almost didn’t make it. Janet’s love for this new puppy helped Ginger survive.

This breed of dog is generally sicklier than most.  It is a balancing act to make sure that their immune system is protected.  Janet’s faith and her love prevailed.  Ginger grew stronger and stronger with each passing day.  However, she had a major setback when an infection occurred.  Ginger faced several rounds with a vet who really did not want to help, but my friend triumphed, and Ginger once again became healthy.

Ginger has lived with my friend for over a year. During this time, she has drawn closer to this amazing dog.  Janet has grown children with lives of their own, and no husband. So, a void has been filled and Ginger provided the love that was needed.

How true it is that our pets are part of our families.  Ginger has become part of my friend’s family. Janet has never given up on Ginger and has been rewarded with a love that will never die.

Writing Prompt:  Imagine how your pet enhances your family…


3 Questions Wednesday with Betty Boyd

img_9085Today’s guest is my friend and fellow Crew Member, Betty Boyd.

Hi, Betty! So glad you dropped by. First question:

What books have fortified you as a writer? How?

Betty: The Bible has always fortified me.  Additionally, I have many books by leadership guru, John Maxwell. His books on leadership have helped to be a better leader when I worked in the Federal Government.

I love his books too! Now…

What secret talents do you have?

Betty: My secret talent includes being a good listener, having compassion, and writing to lift people up.

That’s something we all need to do. Last question:

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

Betty: Well, I am not really a cook, but if I were, I serve you shrimp and steak stir fry, with brown rice, and ice cream for dessert.

You can never go wrong with ice cream. 🙂 Thanks, Betty, for dropping in!

Betty is graciously offering a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card to one blessed person who leaves a comment. Make sure and give us a shout out for your chance to win!

img_9085Betty is a native of Pennsylvania and has called the Tennessee Valley home since 1994.  She is a freelance writer providing writing services to small and medium sized business clients. These services include web content, bios, case studies, blogs and other copy writing services. Her website has more information on these and other areas of expertise.

The Wedding Cake

By Betty Boyd

wedding bouquet

The wedding cake is a special tradition that is as individual as the bride. This tradition goes back to ancient Rome, where the cake was broken over the bride’s head as a sign of good fortune. In Medieval England, the cakes were stacked as high as possible for the bride and groom to kiss over.

Wedding cakes have been around for centuries. According to Wikipedia, “The wedding cake was originally known as the bride’s cake therefore the color white became common, because the cake needed to reflect the bride. The cutting of the cake is a task full of symbolism. The cake was originally intended to be distributed among the guests by only the bride because consuming the cake would ensure fertility.

cake-590774_1280As weddings grew and the number of guests increased, this task became a joint venture, the groom needed to help cut the growing cake and distribute it among their guests. Layers of cakes began to pile up and the icing would need to support the weight of the cake making is very difficult for one person to cut. The groom would assist the bride in this process. Once this tradition began the bride and groom would share a piece of cake before distributing it to the guests to symbolize their union and their promise to forever provide for each other.”

For me the best part of the wedding is the cake. It’s fun to see what type and kind of cake ends up at the reception. Since they can be so diverse, it adds a special quality to the bride’s day. I like when the groom smashes the cake in the bride’s face, this makes for a great photographic and fun memory.

wedding-1236024_1280The wedding cake will be a tradition that will keeping changing, but will always be a unique and fun experience for all.

What is the most unusual wedding cake that you have ever experienced?

Writing Prompt: Can you write a story with these four words:

  • Cake
  • Groom
  • Bride
  • Tradition


The Aussie In Me

The Aussie in Me

By Betty Boyd


I find the geography of Australia exciting. According to Wikipedia, Australia is located in Oceania between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. It is the sixth largest country and the smallest continent. The landmass is 2,967,910 square miles, which is still smaller than the 48 contiguous states in the United States and is 31.5 times larger than the United Kingdom.

The diversity of Australia has always fascinated me.  It has the lowest, flattest and oldest continental landmass on Earth. Its terrain has low plateaus with deserts, rangelands entwined with fertile plains in the southeast portion of the country. Australia also has the Australian Alps (its largest mountain range) which does not contain any permanent icefields or glaciers.

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef, and it lies just off the northeast coast of Australia.  It has over 2,900 individual reefs, and the 900 islands stretch over 1400 miles. The total area is approximately 133,000 square miles and is off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Another interesting area is the Great Artesian Basin, the world’s largest and deepest fresh water basin.

If money were no object for the trip of a lifetime, then I would definitely visit the country of Australia. I could probably spend half a lifetime there and still not see everything there is to see.  I would also have a vacation home for six months out of the year since their seasons are the opposite of the United States.

I love that it is both a continent and a country–how cool is that! I know people that have visited Australia, and their stories are so intriguing that it makes me want to jump on an airplane right now to visit and stay for a spell.

What do you find irresistible about Australia?

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 Can you write a story with these words about Australia?

  • Coral Reef
  • Continent
  • Oceania
  • Queensland