3 Questions Wednesday with Gail Kittleson

Welcome to 3 Questions Wednesday!

Author Gail Kittleson loves interacting with her readersSo, let’s see how she answers our latest 3 Questions–

Question: What inspires you?

Gail: I love quotes. Years ago, I discovered a certain brand of tea that has a quote hanging from each and every richly flavored and scented bag. The tea itself tastes wonderful—I look forward to a cup about mid-morning every day. But anticipating what the quote will say has become part of that little personal ritual.

Sometimes the message can be a tad hokey…some bland, over-used sentiment. But often, real truth awaits me. For example, short pithy statements from the likes of President Abraham Lincoln. “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Or this one from Steve Jobs—“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice.” Oh boy… if I’d only followed that one decades ago.

Of course, powerful quotes from the Bible have inspired me through many a pitfall, along with many others from various poets and authors. What would the world be like without powerful words?

 Powerful words take writing to another level. And I love the Steve Jobs quote. 🙂

Next question–You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Gail: A new color in the crayon box…I think I’d be yellow. While wearing yellow makes my skin look jaundiced, I use as much of this vibrant color as possible in our home. With encouragement from our artist daughter, I painted our dining room a deep shade, and sunshine literally dances on the walls from the room’s south window a good share of the day.

Yellow for brightness, yellow for joy, yellow for passion…yep, I’d choose to be yellow.

Good choice. Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.

Final Question–As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Gail: Actually, I don’t recall pondering what I’d be some day when I was a child. Back then, you had three choices—housewife, secretary, or teacher. Well, maybe nurse, too. Nursing attracted my “rescuing and fixing” nature, but my favorite subjects were English and history. As a teen, I embraced the dream of writing, but it took a loooong time to truly make it a priority. Teaching others to write and cheering them on in their endeavors brought me a lot of satisfaction, but deep down, I still recalled that dream.

And finally, here I am, doing World War II research and interacting with fictional characters more than with the people around me at times. It’s never too late.

It’s never too late to follow your dreams! Thanks, Gail, for visiting 3 Questions Wednesday. READERS – See below for a chance to win an e-book copy of Gail’s latest book, A Purpose True. And take a moment to watch the trailer for her book, With Each New Dawn, below:

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A Purpose True

Southern France – Spring, 1944

German panzer units crisscross the region, dealing ruthless reprisals against the French Resistance, and anyone suspected of supporting its efforts. Secret Operations Executive (SOE) agent Kate Isaacs is tasked with providing essential radio communications with the Allies, while her guide, Domingo Ibarra, a Basque shepherd-turned-Resistance fighter, dedicates himself to avenging the destruction of his home and family.

Thrown together by the vagaries of war, their shared mission, and common devotion to liberty, the last thing Kate and Domingo anticipate is the stirring of affection that threatens to blossom into love. But how can love survive in the midst of the enemy’s relentless cruelty toward innocent citizens?

Everything hinges on the success of the Allied Invasion – L’Invasion

Buy here

About Gail:

A late-blooming author, Iowa farm girl Gail Kittleson’s characters contribute to the World War II effort against great odds. Her Women of the Heartland series includes In Times Like These, With Each New Dawn, and A Purpose True, which releases on December 7th, the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The best compliment her writing has received? “Thanks for not giving your heroine easy ways out, and for avoiding pat answers, no matter how complicated the struggle.”

When Gail’s not steeped in World War II research, drafting scenes, or deep in an edit, she does a limited amount of editing and facilitates writing and creativity workshops. In  winter, she and her husband spend time hiking in the amazing Ponderosa pine forest under the Mogollon Rim.

Gail’s loves interacting with readers.










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3 Questions Wednesday with Gail Kittleson


Gail Kittleson

Author Gail Kittleson taught college expository writing and English as a Second Language. Now she writes memoir and women’s fiction, and facilitates writing workshops and women’s retreats.

With great pleasure, we welcome her back to 3 Questions Wednesday!

First question–

What inspires you?

Gail: Words inspire me. I can’t get enough of them. Long words, short words, phrases, and above all, quotes. Not just quotes from famous people, but the quotes on my tea bag every morning. Not all of them inspire me, but I’d have to say most of them do. Little notes like, “One of the greatest mental freedoms is truly not caring what anyone else thinks of you.” Taken to the extreme, this attitude could cause chaos. But I also relate to the power of being freed from the tyranny of others’ opinions. And there are certainly characters in my novels who feel weighed down by such a burden.

This morning, the quote was from Wayne Gretzky, an athlete I wouldn’t normally be reading about. But listen: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” Wow! How inspiring is that? Whatever I’m facing that scares me and makes me wonder if I should hold back…ooh, better rethink that.

Of course, Scripture inspires me—that’s a given. But so many of the quotes that abound nowadays have roots in scriptural principles.

I love a good quote. 🙂 Now…

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Gail: I would be yellow—vibrant, clear, cheerful yellow, a primary tone that never fails to catch my eye, the color that enlivens tulips, daffodils, and daisies. When I asked my artist daughter to help me decide on colors for our dining and living room, she picked a deep intense yellow for the dining room. At first I thought, “I can’t put something this bright on the first room everyone sees when they enter our house.” But she asked, “Why?” The angle of her eyebrows told me I could, and moreover, I should.

So I did, and we love it. People say the light streaming in the south windows reflects so beautifully on this color. Its brightness cheers me every time I walk through the room, which is often. What’s not to love about this color?

Sounds like a beautiful room. Last question…

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Gail: .I wanted to be a writer. That morphed into being an English teacher, where I could inspire others to love the written word. But at base, the desire to write remained a calling, and though facilitating workshops on writing satisfies me in a unique way, writing thoroughly delights me.

Teaching and writing are both great professions. Thanks so much for stopping in! Readers, don’t forget to check out Gail’s newest book, With Each New Dawn here.

AND Gail has graciously offered to give away a print copy of her book, In Times Like These, to one person who leaves a comment. Make sure to enter below…
In Times Like These

screen-shot-2016-05-07-at-10-31-13-am-copyPearl Harbor attacked! The United States is at war. But Addie fights her own battles on the Iowa home front. Her controlling husband Harold vents his rage on her when his father’s stroke prevents him from joining the military. He degrades Addie, ridicules her productive victory garden, and even labels her childlessness as God’s punishment.

When he manipulates his way into a military unit bound for Normandy, Addie learns that her best friend Kate’s pilot husband has died on a mission, leaving her stranded in London in desperate straits. Will Addie be able to help Kate, and find courage to trust God with her future?

gailGail Kittleson calls northern Iowa home, where she and her husband enjoy grandchildren and gardening. In winter, the Arizona mountains provide new novel fodder.



3 Questions Wednesday with Gail Kittleson

gailPlease welcome Gail Kittleson, author of inspirational women’s fiction, to 3 Questions Wednesday.

Glad you could join us, Gail. First question:

What books have fortified you as a writer? How?

Gail: I’ll start with the basics: the dictionary and thesaurus. Where would we be without these? Along with them, the American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms, and for Spanish and French references, The Macmillan Visual Dictionary.

Then my college lit textbooks and writing manuals, especially those I used while instructing college expository writing. Knowing the basics of essay and research paper construction did me a world of good. And teaching these techniques did me a world more.

The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward

 Not to say I always inspired, but I did aim to. And my teaching definitely improved my writing. Understanding the why of grammatical rules and structures through studying English as a Second Language also strengthened my foundation.

Now, to the fun part. Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones, Addie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, and Emily Dickinson’s poetry fortified me. Sigh . . . that art of finding just the right word for every season, the patient pursuit of the most meaningful phrase . . . pure joy.

The Cloister Walk helped me embrace my “place” as a writer, which isn’t always comfortable. So did The Art of Spiritual Writing by Vinita Hampton Wright—talk about feeling a book was written just for me!

Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way brought out the fiction in me, when I hadn’t really considered this genre. Such a comprehensive workbook for those afraid to use their art for art’s sake.

I’m just getting started, but this will have to do. I’d love to hear from readers if any of my picks also encouraged you.

Some of those are new to me. I’ll have to check them out. Now…

What secret talents do you have?

Gail: Secret . . . aye, there’s the rub. Well, I used to think I had a talent for rescuing and fixing people, but hallelujah, I got over that one. Secret . . . a real tendency to allow a sense of shame to bring me down for hours or even a full day after I’ve made an error But I wouldn’t call this a talent.

I’m able to put together a meal on the spot, for which I credit my mom, who had to do that often on our farm. If  the fridge contains eggs, a veggie of some kind, and there’s milk or other suitable liquid in the house, I can always come up with something.

Most of the time, I’m also able to put people at ease. This really helped with teaching English to those without one word of English at their tongue tips.

Sounds like some great talents to me. 🙂 Last question:

If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

Gail: Probably some simple farm fare. A succulent roast chicken with rosemary and onions and sweet corn frozen last summer and laced with butter.

We’d all enjoy a green salad—spinach, kale grown out in our courtyard, a few sprigs of peppermint and my own tasty, non-cholesteroly dressing, with chai seeds, vinegar, sesame seeds, and whatever fruit’s in season.

Hope that whets your appetite, because I’d love to meet you all.

We’d love to meet you too! Maybe someday…thanks for stopping by!

Gail is offering a Kindle copy of In Times Like These to one blessed person.  So leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing!

In-times-like-these-cover-203x300In Times Like These

Pearl Harbor attacked! The United States is at war.

But Addie fights her own battles on the Iowa home front. Her controlling husband Harold vents his rage on her when his father’s stoke prevents him from joining the military. He degrades Addie, ridicules her productive victory garden, and even labels her childlessness as God’s punishment.

When he manipulates his way into a military unit bound for Normandy, Addie learns that her best friend Kate’s pilot husband has died on a mission, leaving her stranded in London in desperate straits.

Will Addie be able to help Kate, and find courage to trust God with her future?

gailGail Kittleson taught college expository writing and ESL. Now she focuses on writing women’s fiction and facilitating writing workshops and women’s retreats. She and her husband enjoy family in northern Iowa, and the Arizona Ponderosa forest in winter.

White Fire Publishing released Gail’s memoir, Catching Up With Daylight, in 2013, and her debut women’s historical fiction, In This Together (Wild Rose Press/Vintage Imprint) released in 2015. She also contributed to the Little Cab Press 2015 Christmas Anthology,

The first novel in her World War II series releases on June 6, 2016—D-Day, and the second is contracted with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas for release in February, 2017. You can count on Gail’s heroines to make do with what life hands them, and to overcome great odds.

Meeting new reading and writing friends is the meringue on Gail’s pie, as her heroines would say.




3 Questions Wednesday with Gail Kittleson

gailToday’s 3 Questions Wednesday guest is author Gail Kittleson.

Welcome to the Writing Prompts blog, Gail. Let’s start out with your reading interests.

Which author would you never get tired of, and why?

Gail: Um . . . how to choose? I think maybe Henri Nouwen. If he hadn’t suffered such an untimely death, he might have written about more Biblical characters, as he did in The Return of the Prodigal Son. I doubt I’d ever tire of those books.

He brings the Prodigal to life so powerfully—including the prodigal in me and the prodigal’s older brother who often manifests in us. Nowen’s gripping descriptions call me to consider the story in fresh ways, and my own attitudes, too.

I love authors that bring their books to life. Second question:

Who is your favorite fictional villain?

Gail: Inspector Javert, Victor Hugo’s antagonist in Les Miserables. He’s villainous, but also tragic in his misguided and self-destructive pursuit of justice. But he respected authority and hated rebellion—what could go wrong?

Javert has no vices, except an occasional pinch of snuff. Hugo describes his life as one “of privations, isolation, self-denial, and chastity— never any amusement.” As a child of a prisoner and a fortune-teller, Javert’s hatred for his own people and his passion for order drive him to become a policeman.

But his fanatical pursuit of Jean Valjean, a man of basic integrity who steals only to avoid death, lead to Javert’s self-destruction. How sad is that?

I think Javert gives us an example of how we might all be affected by legalism. Our “love of truth” can easily turn vindictive, and we find ourselves shutting out the very people our Savior would embrace.

Wow. Powerful thought. Now tell us something about yourself.

What project are you currently working on?

Gail: My World War II series, three books that take the reader from a rural Iowa farmhouse to London during the Blitz, and then to the Auvergne, Southern France. There, the Waffen S.S. causes terrible destruction en route to Normandy to fight the Allies. The Resistance, men, and women who risked their lives to protect their homeland and aid the Allies have a hold on me.

Can you imagine enemy troops and tanks crossing midwestern farms or the Piedmont or the prairies here in the United States, blistering the countryside with havoc and atrocities?

Those French people and the underground workers who parachuted in to strengthen them intrigue me and the research seems endless. So right now I’m working on book three, and this winter/spring, I’ll be working with an editor on book two, since it’s been contracted for February 2017 release.

Congratulations! Sounds like an interesting series…

And if you’d like to read Gail’s book for free, she is offering a PDF of In This Together to one person who leaves a comment at the end of this post. It could be you…

In This Together

Dottie Kyle’s world centers on hard work. When World War II steals her son and she loses her InThisTogether_w9364_750-200x300husband soon after the Allied victory, her job at Helene’s boarding house gives her a reason to wake up in the morning. But when her daughter in California experiences complications in her third pregnancy and needs help with the little grandchildren Dottie longs to meet, old fears of closed-in spaces hinder her from embarking on a cross-country train trip. 

Meanwhile, unexpected challenges arise at work, and Dottie’s next-door widower neighbor Al’s sudden attention becomes obvious. Could he hold the clue to conquering anxieties that have her in a stranglehold? 

Gail Kittleson and her husband live in rural northern Iowa, where they enjoy family and she facilitates a small writing class…small but powerful!
In winter, Arizona Ponderosa forest country provides even more novel fodder. Gail enjoys writing, reading, hiking, biking, meeting strangers, leading writing workshops, and re-connecting with old friends – please feel free to contact her.
Purchase In This Together