New Year’s Resolutions: Yes or No?

by Betty Owens

pen-994464_1280Welcome to January, 2017. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season.

Our hot topic this month is resolutions. Do you make them? Many people do, but most don’t keep them. No surprise there, right?

I see that shiny new year as a chance to begin again, but wake up a couple of days later, and realize it’s just another day. Just reading-834944_1280another year, among many. Besides, it’s the middle of winter–a great time to veg out on movies…or read.

Are you a procrastinator? Do you suddenly jump in at the very last moment to accomplish a goal you set in January 2016? Don’t beat yourself up over it, just be happy you accomplished it.

I’m not here to judge, I’m just here to introduce January’s topic. I’ll let the other crew members tell you their stories, challenge you, and encourage you.

mountain-road-1556177_1280If you’re a writer, a simple blog post on a subject of interest can provide fodder for a story. Spur your imagination—get those writerly fingers itching for the computer keys.

Readers may find helpful hints, interesting tidbits, and be inspired to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Those could be our goals this year, as blog writers. To provide interesting, inspiring, entertaining copy for you, our readers to digest. Don’t forget to share! If you love our content, or find something inspirational and encouraging, please use the share buttons below to help us get the word out. We have lots of giveaways here at the Writing Prompts blog. And many of our 3 Questions Wednesday authors give away books.

I hope you’ll take advantage of everything we have to offer.

Like millions of other humans, my personal goal for 2017 is to eat healthy, and get more exercise. My business goal is to write two books, and continue to study the craft of writing. Learning never ends. Those are lofty goals for me. But, with a little energy and determination, I can do it.

Will I succeed? I have no idea. I’m not infallible. I haven’t been hugely successful in life. But I’ve always been able to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again. Nothing is impossible…

I’m stubborn and determined, if nothing else.

I pray that the turn of the year opens doors for you. May your days be blessed, and may God give you strength throughout each season, to stand the tests life brings you. He doesn’t promise all sweetness and roses, but He gives peace in the midst of life’s journey.

Writing Prompt: Margot stood in the longest line ever to return the puce crew neck sweater her sister-in-law gave her for Christmas. Besides the unfortunate color, it was two sizes too small. When she finally reached the cashier…




A New Year/A New Beginning

by Betty Thomason Owens

sylvester-1097596_1920Happy New Year!

Last night, as the clocks rolled past midnight into a fresh, new day, the numbers on our calendars also changed. Welcome to the first day of a brand new year–a fresh, clean slate–abounding with possibilities! Do you have a New Year’s resolution to fulfill? A date with a treadmill? Are you starting a juice fast, or the twenty-one-day spending fast? Looking for that svelte figure you lost? Aiming to add cash to the savings account? I hope you’re successful in everything you set out to do this year.

It is my privilege to greet you on behalf of the entire Crew at Writing Prompts. We have a special year planned with some exciting topics. As I glanced over the calendar Jennifer has worked so hard to complete, ideas popped into my writerly mind. I jotted them down, so I wouldn’t forget. Will I remember where I wrote them down? Well, considering the number of things I’ve had to go on the hunt for these past few days, possibly not. That pink sticky note will be covered up by more pink sticky notes.

What awaits us in 2016? The news media strives to paint a dark picture. But here on the Writing Prompts blog, we’re looking to focus your thoughts on fun and intriguing topics to spark new writing ideas. New beginnings. We’ll prompt you with interesting thoughts, posts, and photos. For instance, are you aware of the vast array of genres and subgenres in literature? Which genres do you prefer in your reading and/or writing? That’s February’s topic.

The Pacific Coast

What is your favorite season? Our writers will share theirs in March. In April, we’ll shower you with our favorite historical time periods. We’ll go to Australia in May, come back home to weddings in June, and remember a favorite vacation in July. And just in time for conference season (August), we’ll ferret out everything you want to know about writing conferences.

Pack your suitcases and get your passport up-to-date. Let’s go exploring! World Travel is September’s quest. We’ll seek out Natural Wonders in October, explore Art in November then finish out the year with Christmas Around the World.

A whirlwind tour awaits you this year on the Writing Prompts blog. Month after month of interesting subjects! And don’t forget about Wednesday’s 3 Questions. We’re serving up three fresh questions, and some exciting names on the list of interviewees. If you’re a writer with a book releasing in 2016, please feel free to contact us for a spot on our 3 Questions Wednesday calendar. Note: We encourage the 3 Questions authors to include a book giveaway, if possible.

We also do more in-depth interviews on Saturdays throughout the year. As well as prompting you with thoughts and ideas, we’re here to help you market your new release and introduce our readers to some fresh, new talent.

And who will bring you all these wonderful blog posts throughout the year? Just in case you missed our Roundup post in December, you can read it here. Or, simply click on the “CREW” tab above for additional information about each of our writers.

Writing Prompts & Thoughts & Ideas…Oh My! Yes, it’s in our title–we finish most of our posts with a writing prompt and encourage you to finish it and submit your efforts as a comment. In the past, we’ve offered bimonthly gift cards to our commenters, giving extra entries for those who complete a prompt. In 2016, we’re suspending the bimonthly gift cards and offering more valuable gifts twice a year. In June, we celebrate our blog’s anniversary (we’re calling it blogaversary). If you answer a prompt on the blog during the first half of the year, you will be eligible to win the blogaversary prize (we’re still planning that prize!). The more prompts you answer, the more entries you’ll get. Don’t miss the announcement of our grand prize winners in the Once Upon a Christmas Giveaway — TBA later tonight! ⇒see sidebar meme

My prayer for you in 2016 is this:  May you write inspired, reaching the hearts of many hurting souls through your fiction and nonfiction. May the rewards of your work be lasting treasures in heaven. And may God crown your year with His bounty…(Psalm 65:11). Not a writer? Most of that prayer is relevant to you as well.

Writing Prompt: Write an interesting caption for this photograph. Submit via comments.


betty owensBetty Thomason Owens writes romantic comedy, historical fiction, and fantasy-adventure. To find out more about her books, her writing, and other interests, click here. Thanks for visiting the Writing Prompts blog!

On the Eve of 2013

HNY-funky2013 will be upon us in a few short hours, and so begins our new blog. There’s still a little construction work, so don that hard hat. Watch your step as you cross the steel beams of information, great articles, and timely advice. The Writing Prompts Crew is a mixture of writers in the genre of fantasy, romance, women’s fiction, science fiction, thrillers, and inspirational. So be sure and check out our new articles on Tuesdays and Fridays and of course, our monthly contest.

The monthly contest for the ever popular Amazon gift card changes from random drawings to short story contests, and for the first time, a new followers contest coming in the spring. January’s topic of interest is Everything Bible and should provide plenty of building material for all your writing needs.

Topics this year include motorcycles, soccer, heroes, villains, and pets. What more could one want? So ready your tool of choice, whether it’s a computer in the coffee shop, or journal and pencil on the back porch, and begin to write. After you are properly inspired by a writing prompt, thought, or idea…