Inspired Prompt: Not an Ending, But a New Beginning

By Jennifer Hallmark

My last post at Inspired Prompt.

I have mixed feelings, to say the least. Sad to complete this small part of my life and work. Excited at what lies ahead on the journey.

Not an ending.

*Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler…

A new beginning. For me. For the Crew.

We still would love to stay in touch with all of you wonderful folks out there in cyberspace. This last post is dedicated to sharing where you can find us and hopefully connect there so we can remain friends.

I think Michael W. Smith said it best. These lyrics are for you.

Betty Thomason Owens
You’ll find her on her Facebook author pageTwitterGoodReadsPinterestInstagramAmazon Author Page. And she posts weekly on her blog, Hello, Thursday Morning, found at
Gail Johnson
You can find Gail online—at her blogFacebook, TwitterInstagram, and Amazon Author Page.
Tammy Trail
Connect with Tammy at Facebook and Twitter.
Harriet E. Michael
You can follow her at and find her books at
Carlton Hughes
Connect with Carlton at Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon.
Bonita Y. McCoy
Drop by at Facebook or her website
Shirley Crowder
Find Shirley at,  Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook.
Fay Lamb
Fay loves to meet readers, and you can find her on her personal Facebook page, her Facebook Author Page, and at The Tactical Editor on Facebook and on Goodreads. She’s also active on Twitter. Fay also invites you to visit her website and sign up for her newsletter.
Cammi Woodall
You can reach Cammi at or follow her at
Kristy Horine
You’ll find Kristy on Twitter as @Kwriteone and Facebook and her website:
Karen Richardson
She can be found online on Facebook and Twitter @KHRWriter, Instagram KHRichardson5,, or her blog KK’s Candor,
Christina Rich
Visit Christina at Facebook and her Amazon author page.
Jennifer Hallmark
Visit me on my website, Amazon author page, Facebook,  Facebook author page, Twitter, and Pinterest.

*Poem fragment from The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

Gratitude Always Wins

We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. — John F. Kennedy

To our treasured Readers

Here we are at year’s end and it seems a fitting time to pause and say thank you to all of those who have helped make this a stellar year at Inspired Prompt. YOU, our readers! So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart! We look forward to serving you another year. God bless you, one and all! – Betty Thomason Owens

To our readers: the blog couldn’t be what it has become without you. You comment and share and encourage us all. Thank you for another wonderful year! ❤ – Jennifer Hallmark

Thank you, readers! We couldn’t exist without you.Harriet Michael

Dear reader, Thank you for all you do. Without you, we would be just another blog. You are a treasure! Hope to see you next year. – Gail Johnson

Readers: Thank you so much for your support. I have been so blessed by your encouragement this year.Fay Lamb

Many thanks to all of you wonderful readers who are the wind under our wings as writers. We love each one of you!Bonita McCoy

Readers, I am grateful to God for how you partner with us throughout the year. When you follow, read, comment, and share our posts, you encourage us to continue writing to fulfill our goal of educating and informing writers with the hope that we inspire writers to strive for excellence in their own writing.Shirley Crowder

Dearest Readers, We are so grateful for your faithfulness. Your hearts and minds are the stages upon which our words have the freedom to dance. Many blessings for all the lovely rhythms still to come.Kristy Horine

Thank you to our readers. I’m challenged every month to bring useful information with a bit of humor. I’m honored that you stop in to read our post!Tammy Trail

In blogging, as in life, participating is enriched by the people you have around you. Our readers are engaging with their comments and compliments. Additionally, it is always encouraging to come together in community with other authors to learn and grow in our craft.Karen Richardson

Thank you to everyone for welcoming me! Sharing information and stories with all of you has inspired and encouraged me in my writing. Can’t wait for 2020!Cammi Woodall

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Merry 3 Questions Wednesday!

Merry Christmas to you from the Inspired Prompt Crew!

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  • Betty Thomason Owens
  • Gail Johnson
  • Tammy Trail
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  • Kristy Robinson Horine
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  • Fay Lamb
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For 2020, we are especially interested in finding those Christmas stories. If you have a Christmas novel or novella releasing, we’d like to highlight it in November and December. First come, first serve!

March Madness Will Soon Be Over

created by Betty Thomason OwensCollege Basketball season is nearing its end. Yes, March Madness is in the round called Sweet Sixteen and on April 8th, they’ll crown the NCAA Men’s Basketball champion.

But you’ve already met all the winners on Inspired Prompt: our bloggers and their books. In case you missed a Monday or Friday in March, here’s a reminder:

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the Inspired Prompt crew and their books. I know we’ve had fun sharing.

There’s still time to win one of their books! Comment on their posts for a chance to win the book (or other prize) being offered. March Madness winners will be announced by mid-April.

March Madness. Fun, fabulous, and unpredictable. Join us in March 2020 for more…

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The Inspired Prompt Blog Has Arrived

By Jennifer Hallmark 

Can you believe it’s January 1st, 2018?

Wow. Every year, November and December seem to go by at Peregrine falcon speed, and then life skids to a slow glide after Christmas. To me, that’s okay. I do some of my best writing in the early months of a new year when it’s too cold for me to venture outside.

But you want to hear about our new changes, right?

Betty and I have been working hard to bring the blog up-to-date and really want to take it to the next level in 2018. We believe it is going to be our best year ever.

The sole reason we have this blog is to help writers. Betty and I agreed long ago that we’d been given so much along our writing journey, we would like to pay it forward. We started with articles, then added interviews, and even book promotions. Within the last couple of years, we noticed a trend. Our readers are mostly new writers and Indie-published writers. We decided to narrow our scope and cater to these writers.

Writer journaling in a book

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We’re excited about the possibility of reaching more people. For us to do this, we have to focus in and provide relevant information. We’re ready to do this. How?

(1)   All topics will in some way pertain to writing, reading, or publishing.

(2)   Our goal is to teach, coach, and inspire. Our focus is reaching our readers with what they need.

We needed a new name and mission statement to guide our way. Our new name is Inspired Prompt and our tagline is: Follow Us Down the Write Road.

Our mission statement is:

The goal of the Inspired Prompt blog is to educate and inform writers, with an emphasis on new and Indie writers. We provide clear, basic information in four areas: how-to, marketing, encouragement, and our “signature” prompts, thoughts, and ideas. We hope to inspire writers/authors to reach for and attain their personal best.

As far as the leadership, Betty Thomason Owens and I will still be the blog administrators, with me being the idea guru and Betty, editor-in-chief. Gail Johnson has agreed to serve as our new content editor. Tammy Trail, Karen Jurgens, Harriet Michael, and Carlton Hughes will also return for another year.

We’ve added five new contributors: Shirley Crowder, Bonita McCoy, Fay Lamb, Kristy Horine, and Cammi Woodall. Please check out our contributor page to learn more about all our Crew members.

Topics to aid the writer will be better than ever. This month, we’ll discuss Back to the Basics For the Writer. February is all about romance. Throughout the rest of the year, we’ll touch on topics like social media, marketing, research, Indie publishing, freelance writing, and many more. So don’t miss a single post.

As always, we’ll interview both new and established writers, editors, agents, and publishers on our 3 Questions Wednesday segment along with several Saturday interviews. You can go to the menu for our Guest Post Guidelines if you’d like an interview or possible guest post.

On the first Saturday of each month, we’re adding 1st Saturday Extra, a timely article, writer testimony, or interview to encourage and enlighten.

The Inspired Prompt Crew is looking forward to implementing all these changes and seeing writers reap the benefits we hope to provide.

Take a few minutes to check out our new menu including:

How-To of Writing

Inspired Marketing

Choose Happy (encouragement)

Creativity Tool Box (writing prompts, thoughts, and ideas)

We’ll be adding more items as the year progresses. Thanks for taking time to stop by and visit! We hope to see you often in the future.

Writing Prompt: In lieu of a prompt today, share what change we made is your favorite and why.