3 Questions Wednesday with JPC Allen

Welcome to 3 Questions Wednesday! Today Inspired Prompt welcomes author, JPC Allen! Thanks for taking the time to join us.

First question:
Who is your favorite author?

JPC: That depends on which of my favorites genres I want to read. If I’m in the mood for humor, I pick up books by P.G. Wodehouse and Patrick F. McManus. If I want a mystery, I’m overwhelmed by great authors, but some I’ve come to rely on to always deliver a rewarding story are Rex Stout, Melville Davisson Post, and G.K. Chesterton.

You are right. Reading a mix of genres is a lot of fun!  Next question…
If you could write about anyone or anything fiction/nonfiction who or what would you write about?

JPC: Well, getting to write a Christmas mystery for an anthology last holiday season was a dream come true. I don’t know why Christmas and mysteries work so well together. Some of my favorites whodunits are set during Christmas, so to be able to write one with a theme of mercy and forgiveness was a fantastic opportunity.

Another dream of mine is write a great adventure set in the present. I think a lot of people believe that with advances in technology, we can’t set out into the unknown and test ourselves. Most new action movies or books are science fiction or fantasy. I want to write a story to prove adventures are still possible today.

I like your perspective, there are still many adventures to be had.  Last question: If you could spend time with a character from your book or another book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

JPC: This depends on whether I’m working or on vacation. If I’m working, I’d like to hang out with the teen detective Rae Riley from my Christmas mystery, “A Rose from the Ashes”. I’d follow her around to get story ideas. Maybe we would go to the Hocking Hills because she lives in rural Ohio and is an amateur photographer.

But if I was on vacation, I have two choices. I’d either contact AAA and book the next available seat on a time machine to visit Victorian London and solve a mystery with Sherlock Homes and Dr. Watson. Or I’d check Airbnb to see which hobbits are renting their underground homes and putter around the Shire for a few weeks.

Either way sounds like a great way to spend a day. Thanks for stopping by.

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Christmas fiction off the beaten path

Not your Granny’s Christmas stories … Step off the beaten path and enjoy six stories that look beyond the expected, the traditional, the tried-and-true.

Inspired by the song, “Mary Did You Know?” – a mother’s memories of events leading up to and following that one holy night. MARY DID YOU KNOW? By Patricia Meredith

A young woman seeking her own identity searches for the man who tried to kill her and her mother on Christmas Eve twenty years before. A ROSE FROM THE ASHES. By JPC Allen

Princess, tower, sorceress, dragon, brave knight, clever peasant – combine these ingredients into a Christmas-time story that isn’t quite what you’d expect. RETURN TO CALLIDORA. By Laurie Lucking

Anticipating tough financial times, the decision not to buy or exchanged presents leads to some painful and surprising revelations for a hardworking man and his family. NOT THIS YEAR. By Sandra Merville Hart

Years ago, a gunman and a store full of hostages learned some important lessons about faith and pain and what really matters in life – and the echoes from that day continued to the present. THOSE WHO STAYED. By Ronnell Kay Gibson

A community of refugees, a brutal winter, a doorway to another world – a touch of magic creating holiday joy for others leads to a Christmas wish fulfilled. CRYSTAL CHRISTMAS. By Michelle L. Levigne

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Meet JPC Allen:

JPC Allen started her writing career in second grade with an homage to Scooby Doo. She’s been tracking down mysteries ever since. A former children’s librarian, she is a member of ACFW and has written mystery short stories for Mt. Zion Ridge Press. Online, she offers writing tips and prompts to beginning writers. She also leads writing workshops for tweens, teens, and adults, encouraging them to discover the adventure of writing. A lifelong Buckeye, she has deep roots in the Mountain State.

Join the adventure on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, or Goodreads.

Anthology: From the Lake to the River by JPC Allen and Various Authors

Happy Saturday! It is my pleasure to welcome author JPC Allen to the Inspired Prompt.  Allen has taken part in a new anthology by the Buckeye Christian Fiction Authors.

Good morning, JPC.

Do you have any interesting writing rituals?

 JPC: I have to write all first drafts and any major revisions in longhand. I can easily make minor changes on a computer. But trying to write straight out of my imagination onto a stark white, digital page somehow squashes my creativity. The computer acts like a barrier, as if I was sculpting with oven mitts.

What is the book about?

 JPC: From the Lake to the River is an anthology of nine stories all set in Ohio. My short story “Debt to Pay” concerns a teenager and his older brother who live in Wayne National Forest. While out cutting wood, they stumble across a dying millionaire, who claims his private plane was rigged to crash. Do the brothers seek justice or cash in?

What is your favorite part of the book?

 JPC: Since it’s a short story, I don’t want to give away too much of the plot. But I like that this story fits in the crime fiction subgenre “country noir”, combining a rural setting with elements from classic film noir.

Is there a message in your book you hope readers will grasp? 

 JPC: I wouldn’t call it a message. More like a concept for readers to consider. As I wrote my story, I was struck by the paradox that often the people we owe the most are ones who least expect, or even want, to be repaid.

Where can readers find you online?

 JPC: I offer writing tips and inspiration to beginning writers on my website “JPCAllenWrites” and on my Facebook page. You can also find me on Instagram.

Website: https://jpcallenwrites.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JPCAllenWrites/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jpcallenwrites/

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From the Lake to the River: Buckeye Christion Fiction Authors 2018 Anthology

Whether you like romance, young adult, women’s fiction, a touch of mystery or danger, some humor, some holiday cheer, or a second chance at love, set in Ohio’s colorful history or the present – there’s something for nearly everyone in this collection.

JPC Allen began her writing career in second grade with a homage to Scooby Doo. She is a 2016 semi-finalist for her YA crime novel The Truth and Other Strangers in the ACFW’s Genesis contest. A former children’s librarian, she loves to introduce tweens and teens to the adventure of writing through her workshops. She is also a lifelong Buckeye with deep roots in the Mountain State. “Debt to Pay” is her first published short story.