Mourning Dove by Claire Fullerton

Today we’d like to welcome Firefly Southern fiction author, Claire Fullerton, to the Inspired Prompt blog. Claire has just released her new book, Mourning Dove, a Southern family saga, and we want to know more…

Glad you could join us, Claire! Do you have any interesting writing rituals?

Claire:  I have a salt lamp that I keep on its low setting, which maintains a soft, golden glow.

What are your books about?

Claire:  Mourning Dove is a Southern family saga. It is the story of Finley Crossan, as told in the voice of his younger sister, Millie. The siblings lead an idyllic childhood in the lake area of Wayzata, Minnesota, until their Southern mother, the alluring and dynamic, Posey, leaves their alcoholic father and moves the siblings to her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. As outsiders in this genteel and manicured Southern culture, the siblings mature to find their way to belonging in a society so nuanced, it makes eccentricities look normal. Mourning Dove is a story about siblings who come from the same background, but come to disparate ends.

What is your favorite part of the book?

Claire:  That Mourning Dove is written in the first person voice of Millie Crossan as she ruminates over why her golden, charismatic brother, Finley, whom she thought hung the moon, came to the end that he did.

Is there a message in your book you hope readers will grasp?

Claire:  What happens in one’s family during one’s formative years comes back to haunt, sooner or later, especially when one is raised in a discreet society where everyone seeks to make things look good, at the expense of the glaring truth.

Where can readers find you online?

Claire:   My website  




Thanks for stopping by and telling us about your book!

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Mourning Dove

The heart has a home when it has an ally. If Millie Crossan doesn’t know anything else, she knows this one truth simply because her brother Finley grew up beside her. Charismatic Finley, eighteen months her senior, becomes Millie’s guide when their mother Posey leaves their father and moves her children from Minnesota to Memphis shortly after Millie’s tenth birthday.

Memphis is a world foreign to Millie and Finley. This is the 1970s Memphis, the genteel world of their mother’s upbringing and vastly different from anything they’ve ever known. Here they are the outsiders. Here, they only have each other. And here, as the years fold over themselves, they mature in a manicured Southern culture where they learn firsthand that much of what glitters isn’t gold. Nuance, tradition, and Southern eccentrics flavor Millie and Finley’s world as they find their way to belonging.

But what hidden variables take their shared history to leave both brother and sister at such disparate ends?

Claire Fullerton
grew up in Memphis, TN and now lives in Malibu, CA. She is the author of contemporary fiction, Dancing to an Irish Reel, set in Connemara, Ireland, where she once lived. Dancing to an Irish Reel is a finalist in the 2016 Kindle Book Review Awards, and a 2016 Readers’ Favorite. Claire is also the author of A Portal in Time, a paranormal mystery that unfolds in two time periods, set on California’s hauntingly beautiful Monterey Peninsula, in a village called Carmel-by-the-Sea. Both of Claire’s novels are published by Vinspire Publishing.

Her third novel, Mourning Dove, is a Southern family saga, to be published in June, 2018 by Firefly Southern Fiction. She is one of four contributors to the book, The South in All Seasons, with her novella, Through an Autumn Window, to be published in October, 2018 by Firefly Southern Fiction. Claire is represented by Julie Gwinn, of The Seymour Literary Agency, and can be found on WordPress, Twitter Goodreads Instagram as well as her website.