Natural Wonders – The Grand Canyon

2013-08-28-03-46-32The Grand Canyon is on the official “Seven Natural Wonders” list–and a place I’d wanted to visit all my life. Though my family passed by many times, we never stopped. My dad didn’t want to go that far out of the way and ruin his record (how fast he could get from West Tennessee to Southern California bragging rights).

So I had passed the half-century mark before I finally made the trip. I accompanied a sweet friend on her move from Seattle to Kentucky. We saw a lot of a-maaaaz-ing sights! But my post today is about the Grand Canyon, so I’ll try not to get distracted.

Flagstaff, Arizona, situated on Route 66, is a unique place in itself. The drive up to the canyon from Flagstaff was gorgeous–a feast for the eyes! A good amount of rainfall left the vistas bright green and dotted with yellow flowers.

Anticipation grew as we approached the area.

2013-08-28-03-30-28Even pulling into the parking lot, we sensed the awe. Especially as we walked to the rim. Yes, those are elk. They’re huge, and completely disinterested in all the tourists.

I didn’t really know what to expect as we walked the short trail to the rim. I’d seen pictures. I’d heard stories. But the view that met us when we reached it literally took my breath. It was so amazing and awesome, everyone whispered. The photos we took really didn’t do it justice.

Our eyes feasted on the sight. It is so much larger than you can ever imagine. And we could only see a portion of it. What is even more amazing to me: this entire area was carved out over time by the Colorado River. I’ve seen the Colorado. It’s beautiful, but deadly at flood stage. When you gaze into the gorge and think about how it was created by water and wind, it’s even more awe-inspiring.

While we stood there, it seemed quite placid. As we watched, an eagle swept across the canyon. It’s relatively quiet, though we can see numerous groups of tourists, but as I mentioned, they all whispered.

Walking away was difficult, but we had a lot of miles to cover before our day ended. It was a sight we’d never forget. I hope to return someday, maybe go to the Northern Rim and I hope to go with my husband. I know he would be as fascinated as I was that day. And hey, it’s only a three-day drive from Kentucky, if you don’t make too many stops.

For more technical information on the Grand Canyon and its surrounds, click HERE. There’s even an excellent article from The Answers in Genesis, about the formation of the Grand Canyon, if you’re interested: When and How Did the Grand Canyon Form?


Ground squirrels at the Grand Canyon

I hope you’ve enjoyed my short tour of the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend it. There are several different ways to see more than just the rim view. Bus tours and overnight camping tours are available. You can fly to the nearest airport, even take a train to get to the area. Or drive Route 66 or one of the major interstates in the area. There is so much to see all around you!

Writing Prompt: Imagine yourself one of the team traveling with Lewis and Clark when you suddenly come upon the rim of the Grand Canyon. What goes through your mind, as you survey the scene before you? How would you describe what you see?