Tying the Knot in Style


By Karen Jurgens

For our last June post about weddings, we would like to treat you, our readers, to a “fashion show,” both in-house and around the world. There is no clothing more magnificent nor a woman more beautiful than on her wedding day.

In America, we are firmly steeped in our own wedding-style traditions, but have you considered those in other parts of the world? If you think that all brides wear flowing white dresses with veils, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Let’s travel first to Thailand. This bride’s ornate gown and headdress is amazing.

Thai Bridal Gown

Thai Bridal Gown

The Indian bride wears a beautifully colorful saree along with other traditional apparel.

Married in India

A wedded couple in India

Notice how the bride’s hands are intricately decorated with ink designs.

Holding Hands at an Indian Wedding Ceremony

Holding Hands at an Indian Wedding Ceremony

Chinese tradition wraps her brides in yet a different style. Notice the interesting headdress.

A Chinese Bride and Groom

A Chinese Bride and Groom

Now, let’s journey to Sri Lanka where Anusha Atukorala is a lovely bride decked out in her white bridal saree, also pictured with her bridesmaids.

Anusha, a Sri Lankan bride with her groom

Anusha Atukorala, a Sri Lankan bride with her groom

Anusha with her bridesmaids

Anusha with her bridesmaids

Her going-away attire is a beautiful blue saree. Don’t they make a handsome couple?

Anusha in her going-away attire

Anusha in her going-away attire

Next is a traditional Nigerian wedding dress, courtesy of our own Crew Member, Harriet Michael. Born in Nigeria to missionary parents who later adopted Abel, she shared this photo of her brother with his beautiful bride, Abike. Notice the bold colors and the headdress of this happy couple.

A Nigerian Bride and Groom

Abel, adopted Nigerian brother of Harriet Michael, on his wedding day with his bride Abike

Moving on to American tradition, we have Paula Beem on her special day with her good-looking groom.

An American Bride and Groom

Paula on her wedding day with her groom

Stunning in her beaded gown, she tells me that her mother designed it based on several different dresses that Paula liked at the time. Most amazing is that her mother, a babysitter for four young children, sewed the seed pearl beads on the lace bodice while the children napped. What a labor of love!

Finally, as a re-cap of the entire month, here come some of our Writing Prompts Crew Members down the aisle (in addition to our Carlton waiting for his bride at the altar).

Let’s begin with our founder and editor-in-chief, Jennifer Dison Hallmark, looking absolutely beautiful on her wedding day.

Jennifer Hallmark with her groom

Jennifer Hallmark with her groom

Next is our co-leader, editor and technology expert, Betty Thomason Owens, decked out in her gorgeous dress. What a lovely bride!

Betty Owen on her wedding day

Betty Owen on her wedding day

Here comes Harriet Michael down the aisle. Her mother, a talented seamstress, created and made her beautiful gown. Stunning, don’t you agree?

Harriet Michael on her wedding day

Harriet Michael on her wedding day

Robin Elizabeth Mason has chosen a dreamy wedding dress, but she also loves the antique Celtic style. Which is the prettier? I think she will look amazing in either one!

Maggie Sotero - Libby - front and back

Robin’s Dream Gown

Ancient Celtic Wedding Gown

Dreaming of an ancient Celtic wedding gown

Anne Evans’s off-the-shoulder attire looks gorgeous on her, too. What fun her wedding day must have been!

Anne Evans' wedding day

Anne Evans’ wedding day

Anne Evans' wedding day

Anne Evans’ wedding day

Tammy Trail is a knock-out in her billowy dress. Here’s a toast to a beautiful bride on her special day!

Tammy Trail's wedding day

Tammy Trail’s wedding day

Carlton Hughes was blessed with his beautiful bride on their wedding day. What a handsome couple they are.

Wedding Day - Carlton Hughes

Wedding Day – Carlton Hughes

And finally, here I am on my wedding day, at home with my parents.

Karen Jurgens at home with her parents on her wedding day

Karen Jurgens with her parents on her wedding day

Karen Jurgens Bride

Karen Jurgens

Thanks for walking down memory lane with us here at Writing Prompts this month. It has been a delightful wedding journey—and all the more special because you joined us.





Writing Prompt: What style was your dress on your wedding day? You may also include a photo to share with us.

The Wedding Cake

By Betty Boyd

wedding bouquet

The wedding cake is a special tradition that is as individual as the bride. This tradition goes back to ancient Rome, where the cake was broken over the bride’s head as a sign of good fortune. In Medieval England, the cakes were stacked as high as possible for the bride and groom to kiss over.

Wedding cakes have been around for centuries. According to Wikipedia, “The wedding cake was originally known as the bride’s cake therefore the color white became common, because the cake needed to reflect the bride. The cutting of the cake is a task full of symbolism. The cake was originally intended to be distributed among the guests by only the bride because consuming the cake would ensure fertility.

cake-590774_1280As weddings grew and the number of guests increased, this task became a joint venture, the groom needed to help cut the growing cake and distribute it among their guests. Layers of cakes began to pile up and the icing would need to support the weight of the cake making is very difficult for one person to cut. The groom would assist the bride in this process. Once this tradition began the bride and groom would share a piece of cake before distributing it to the guests to symbolize their union and their promise to forever provide for each other.”

For me the best part of the wedding is the cake. It’s fun to see what type and kind of cake ends up at the reception. Since they can be so diverse, it adds a special quality to the bride’s day. I like when the groom smashes the cake in the bride’s face, this makes for a great photographic and fun memory.

wedding-1236024_1280The wedding cake will be a tradition that will keeping changing, but will always be a unique and fun experience for all.

What is the most unusual wedding cake that you have ever experienced?

Writing Prompt: Can you write a story with these four words:

  • Cake
  • Groom
  • Bride
  • Tradition


To Have and To Hold

By Tammy Trail

I find weddings a wonderful tradition. A chance for families to join and celebrate Tim and Tammy weddingtwo people starting a life together. With this months’ topic being weddings, I had the tendency to think of my own. Ours was a simple affair. I think our whole budget was a whopping $2000.00.

Two years later my cousin Christine was planning her wedding. She was a very fortunate girl. The whole family pitched in with her nuptials. One aunt made her cake. With help from the ladies of the church, her grandmother made all of the buffet food. I did all her flowers, and she found her dress for $100.00 at an estate sale.Christine's wedding 1

My daughter had grand ideas for her wedding. We were constantly reeling her back to reality to stay on budget. Even with all the reminders, there were last minute items like candles that needed to be purchased.Amanda's Picture

Wedding trends change from year to year. According to a few internet sites, this year’s bride will opt for bolder colors; gone are neutrals and pastels. Family style dinners serving comfort foods with no formal seating gives a more laid back atmosphere. The emphasis is having your guest enjoy the celebration.

I recently heard of an unusual event the bride performed for her guests. Instead of throwing her bouquet to a group of unmarried female guests, she gave each of them a single flower from her bouquet. Along with the flower, the bride prayed with each of the women, asking God’s guidance in finding a husband. I thought this was a lovely new tradition, and the bride was a very sweet woman to have been so thoughtful.wedding bouquet

Here are some interesting facts about weddings:

Queen Victoria began the tradition of wearing white for her wedding. Before that time, women wore their Sunday best.

The bodice of Grace Kelly’s wedding dress was made from 125-year-old lace.

The marriage of Sheik Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s son to Princess Salama in Dubai in 1981 was the most expensive. How much, you ask? A grand total of $44 million dollars.

Diamond ringPriscilla Presley’s engagement ring was a whopping 3.5 carat rock surrounded by a detachable row of smaller diamonds.

One of history’s earliest engagement rings was given to Princess Mary, daughter of Henry VIII. She was two years old at the time.

Weddings are a rite of passage. It’s a way to define a family’s course through time. First we celebrate birth, then baptisms, graduations, then finally a wedding. Children grow up, get married to make homes for themselves and begin to follow the same journey. It’s not an easy one. Those of us who have traveled the path must be available to mentor beginners. The trends, words spoken, and symbols may change. The purpose never will. Love must win, every time.

My husband and I are going to be empty-nesters next year. I have no idea what I will do with all my spare time. Maybe finish a novel or two. You might ask, “What will she write about?”  Romance, of course!

Do you have a funny moment you could share from your own wedding? I would love to hear about it!

All Things Wedding

By Jennifer Hallmark

wedding flowersI dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife.

~Author Unknown

This quote made me smile. June is traditionally the month of weddings and here at the Writing Prompts blog, we’ll discuss all things wedding. Whether a wedding is a simple ceremony among a few friends or as extravagant as Princess Diana’s, some type of ceremony can be found in almost all cultures and countries. Join us throughout the month of June. Maybe we’ll learn something new.

Mandy's wedding

Mandy’s wedding

Weddings are very much on my mind these days, though none of my immediate family married in June. Mom and Dad married in September as did my daughter, Mandy. My husband and I married in July. My son will be newly wedded (May 27th) by the time you read this post. When I think of the weddings I’ve been personally involved with, several words come to mind:

Beauty                         Romantic

Stress                           Hurry

Good food           Flowers          Surprises


And did I mention stress? I’m still looking for my dress and considering the groom’s table. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. Did I mention it’s only two weeks until the wedding? Sigh. But like all the others, it will somehow fall into place and we’ll look back with fond memories.

As a writer, I’ve thought a lot about weddings over the past couple of years. I’ve written a novel tentatively titled “When Wedding and Weather Collide.” If you knew me very well, you’ve find it amusing that I’m writing a book with a wedding as a major plot point. I never really dreamed about weddings as a teenager, though I always figured I’d marry someday. I didn’t have a scrapbook like my daughter or any thoughts on a wedding dress.

Our weddingSo when my boyfriend proposed, almost 34 years ago, I said okay. I couldn’t think of an argument against it. I was finishing a semester at college so Mom did a lot of my planning. I remember I didn’t want a traditional bride and groom cake topper, so I found a bell and dove to go on top. I wanted pink in the wedding because it was my favorite color. I borrowed a dress, planned a fairly simple ceremony, and we became husband and wife.

In my novel, I really enjoyed planning the wedding. I found the perfect dress, picked out colors, cakes, bridesmaid’s dresses, and even invitations. You can see all of my findings on my Pinterest page here.

So, in a way, I discovered a perfect wedding. 30 something years later. But that’s okay. Maybe one day, I’ll sell the movie rights and we can all watch the wedding on the Hallmark channel…  🙂

Writing Prompt: Complete this thought…

Lila stepped into the fabulous, lace-covered gown that had been her grandmother’s. The few alterations had made it fit like it had been made for her. Her best friend, Anne, started to zip the gown, then stopped.

“Uh, oh.”

“What do you mean, uh oh?”