The Secret Lives of Writers

Psst! Did you know that writers have secret lives? It’s true! When writers enter their lairs, they arm themselves with writer-ly weapons, don their favorite super writer costumes, and brandish finely honed writer powers. Want to know more? Great! Read on, wordsmiths.


Like all superheroes, writers have secret lairs where they invent masterpieces—at least in their own minds. 😊 But I digress. We were talking about lairs. A lair can be a dimly lit coffee shop, a park bench, or a cave in the basement.


Writers also have secret weapons that include gel pens, 500-page composition books, favorite energy drinks, and inspiring soundtracks. But in the end, the stealthy scribe depends on the trusty keyboard to finish the task.

Let’s tiptoe to the closet!


One of the greatest things about being a superhero is the costume. Don’t you agree?

Like all modern crusaders, writers have their own costumes. Some are pilled spandex, holey jeans, and ratty pajamas. To complete their ensemble, they may add x-ray vision glasses with bifocals or colored contacts to hide their identity.


Finally, the best kept secret is their powers. Yes, writers have secret powers! You may find hints of those powers covertly embedded between the lines of their current manuscripts. So grab a book and start reading!

But before you go, I have another secret.

More Secrets

Do you know what writers do when they’re not writing? Well, that’s a secret our writers will share in this month’s posts. Be sure to join us to uncover the best kept secrets of writers everywhere.

Finally, here’s to all those who grind out thousands of words a year, obliterate pesky grammar mistakes, and create adventures for readers everywhere. You are awesome! Write on!

In the comments, share what is your must-have secret weapon, your hideaway, and your costume.

* Thanks to Kristy Horine for the writer-ly sentence. 🙂

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Writers and Research

researchThe month of November is dedicated to writers and research here on the Writing Prompts blog. By definition, research is a diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, applications, etc. Another way to look at it is to search and search again.

Whether you are writing an English paper in high school or the next great American novel, research is vital for a good story. You want your narrative to have a true-to-life atmosphere about it. Even if you’ve invented a fantasy world on an exotic planet, ground it in research from our world. If its a jungle setting, research the Amazon. If an artic setting, study ice and cold. Make it so real that people believe this planet could truly exist.planets

All month long, we’ll be looking at many forms of research, different research links, and other useful information. Make sure to bookmark our site and join us every Tuesday and Friday as we delve into the subject of writers and research.

Also, 2014 is fast approaching and there will be a few changes on the writing prompts blog. You’ve noticed our updated appearance and we’ll be adding bigger and better prizes. Woo hoo.

Enjoy the research and a slew of Christmas articles in calendarDecember while you wait for New Year.